Friday, October 12, 2007


T.S. Heritage
Over the past decade, Miami based DJ T.S. Heritage has developed a unique style that has many influences, from Dancehall Reggae to DrumnBass to Downtempo, but he always stays true to the underground sound. For the last few years he's focused on UK Garage, and has recently morphed with some elements of that scene into what's become known as Brokenbeat. As part of a group of DJs known as BeatCamp, T.S. has promoted underground dance music at major raves and club nights throughout the Unite States.

T.S. Heritage is the host and promoter of "TRANSATLANTIC", the annual UK Garage showcase of international DJs at the Winter Music Conference, and also holds a residency at the longest running weekly DrumnBass / UK Garage / Electronica party in Florida. This past year he celebrated the 6th anniversary of that event with the rest of the BeatCamp crew.

OFFSITE NEW DUBPLATES CLASSIC DUBPLATES CONTACT For more information about T.S. Heritage, check his website BOOSTED RECORDINGS, look for his UK Garage and Brokenbeat tunes released on the Boosted Recordings Label, and find out about the next BEATCAMP event.

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