Monday, November 26, 2007


Dinky delights
Dinky delights
Get lost with the new first lady of techno
Words: Ben Murphy

Dinky - Alejandra Iglesias
Alejandra Iglesias

Chilean electronic queen Dinky — or Alejandra Iglesias — is back to claim her techno throne with a stunning new mix for Crosstown Rebels: ‘Get Lost 3 Mixed by Dinky’, out 26th November.
An excursion deep into foreboding ghost-house and warm post-minimal beats, she pushes far into the uncharted realms, those Detroit tech inter-zones between electronic and organic rhythms, where many would fear to tread.
Like a somnambulist stroll in the woods after dark, this mix is mind-altering, mysterious and not a little scary.

“I worked on the concept of the mix,” Dinky explained. “It’s a bit more of an after-hours mix, a bit more mysterious, which extends to the whole concept of the artwork as well.”
A spooky illustration of a girl in a dark corridor, the image warped out of recognition, it perfectly reflects the music within.
Containing several of Dinky’s own new tracks, including the ghostly ambient intro ‘Lost in the Forest’, and the hip wiggle of ‘Horizontal’, her new compilation collects cuts from Dennis Ferrer, Dan Berkson and Radio Slave, illustrating a cosmopolitan and creative approach that takes the most potent grooves from all over and always avoids the obvious.

It’s a natural approach for the DJ/producer born in Santiago, Chile, who’s lived in New York City and Berlin, absorbing the rhythms inherent in all three cities and emerging with her own sound. First entering our consciousness in 2005 with the strange, burbling lysergic tech-funk of ‘Acid In My Fridge’ on Sven Väth’s Cocoon imprint, now she’s hooked up with the Crosstown Rebels crew, who’ll also be putting out her eagerly-awaited debut artist album next year.
“I really like the Crosstown Rebels crew, they’re like my little family, which I was missing. This mix for them is kind of like a preview for the album so people can get more used to my name,” Dinky declared.
“The album itself is sounding different. It’s definitely very danceable. I’m working with vocalists and I’m singing myself on a couple of tracks. It’s a little bit pop-ish but still underground,” she revealed.

Her label Horizontal also has a deluge of new releases due to drop, with cuts from several Crosstown heads as well as new names.
“I’m putting out a new single from Matthew Styles in a couple of weeks, and another single from Andrés Bucci, Pier Bucci’s brother, a really good artist. And then Hector as well, he works at Phonica, and he also just joined Crosstown Rebels,” Dinky asserted.
Like fellow females Cassy, Magda, Chloé and many more, Dinky is carving her own niche in the male-dominated realm of techno, and she’s only just begun. And is there any acid in her fridge at the moment?
“I have something else but no acid in my fridge right now. It was gone a long time ago,” she giggled.

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