Friday, November 23, 2007


Tis' the season to be thankful and as such I’d like to show some thanks to a couple of things that while loved worldwide, just don’t get the recognition they deserve. There will be no ranting today, simply raving about things that we’ve all come to love! These things stand out to me not only because they’re fantastic but, also because they were never met to be created. So out of nothing, I’ve found something…they’re real and they’re wonderful!

Sidenote: I’m buying a drink on Friday night for the 1st person who knows where that “they’re real and they’re wonderful” line is from!!!

1) Cereal Milk – We’ve all had it. We’ve all grown up on it. For those whom it hasn’t clicked for yet, Cereal Milk is what’s left after you’ve had a big bowl of your favorite, be it Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran…you get the picture! Right after you’ve had that last spoonful of cereal, there’s nothing left but milk flavored with the goodness of your cereal. You put the spoon down, grab that bowl with both hands and take the Cereal Milk straight to the head! It’s best when you have some of the sweeter cereals like Trix or Fruit Loops but, either way, it don’t get no better!

2) Soda Juice – This is when you got a tall glass of your finest carbonated beverage. I don’t get advertising dollars so, I’m saying that it really doesn’t matter which one you got, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Fanta, who cares! The key here is that something pulls you away from your drink. Could be you rushing off to the club or your jump-off just got to the door and he or she is ready to get it going (yes, females have men as jump-offs too!!!). Anyway, you leave your drink and don’t get back to it till the next day. If you’re lucky, you got a chance to put it in the fridge cuz Soda Juice is oh so good when chilled. The point is that by now, your soda has gone flat since it wasn’t covered and you have the yumminess of a drink that has the taste of your favorite soda but, goes down smooth like grape juice or red Kool-Aid, without all the bubbles and acid. Thank you Mr. Soda Juice! The ultimate in a two-in-one drink!

3) Ham – This one doesn’t really fit with my theme so I’ll keep it short but, I just love ham. I always say that pigs were made to be eaten because they have such fat bodies and little legs. They can’t run, you don’t see anyone eating cheetah and cheese sandwiches do you???

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! And there’s no better way to celebrate it than eating all you can on Thursday and partying with all your family and play cousins at Opus 22 on Friday night. Yes, I said Opus 22 and NOT Dirty Disco. We’re still doing Dirty Disco every Friday but, before we started there management had a pre-booked party for Thanksgiving weekend. We’re calling it Sweet Potato Pie and it’s our 2nd annual Thanksgiving weekend event as it’s huge for partying cuz everyone comes home from college or wherever they moved to for work and wants to do it up in the Big Apple nightlife. It's 3 of the 4 teams that brought you Wish 26 for the last year and a half on Thursdays afterwork so, you know it's gonna be a problem in there. We also got Commish on dem wheels of steel so I know I got my two-step, which means I’ll be at the bar getting my drink. Hit me for the guestlist and come early as it will definitely be packed. Gotta do a quick shout out to bonita Kristen Carter as she’s gonna party like it’s her birthday (cuz it actually is)

Keenan “Does Raving About Food Make Me Fat?” Davis

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