Monday, November 26, 2007



Was sad to hear to the passing of Michael Blodgett, who was so memorable in Russ Meyer’s 1970 cult masterpiece Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as L.A. studmuffin Lance Rocke. As rock promoter “Z-Man” Barzell (John La Zar) describes Lance: “Greek God and part-time actor. See how he performs. His is a special talent. The golden hair...the bedroom eyes...the firm young body. These are the tools of which he plies his trade. All are available for a price.” Blodgett, who also acted in such movies as The Velvet Vampire (1971) and alongside Kirk Douglas in There Was a Crooked Man (1970). He was also a novelist (Captain Blood, The White Raven) and wrote screenplays (with Dennis Shryack) such as Rent-A-Cop (1987) and Turner & Hooch (1989). But he’ll always be burned into my brain as the cocky, sexy, Lance Rocke getting beheaded in Beyond The Valley of the Dolls.

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