Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now Myspace is Super Tuesday

The long wait is nearly over. MySpace says it will launch its developer platform on February 5th, offering outside application developers a means of integrating with the king of social networking. How much access the platform will give remains something of a mystery, but perhaps more important is that fact that MySpace will support Google's OpenSocial platform at launch.

Although much hyped, there have been very few implementations of OpenSocial so far. The MySpace announcement could give Google’s fledgling platform a much-needed shot in the arm.

Rival site Facebook has a significant head start in the platform wars, and it has already announced some new tools that will enable applications created for Facebook to run on other sites. Still, competition is rarely a bad thing, and widget developers are no doubt preparing for some sleepless nights once the MySpace platform launches.

As for how the platform might impact MySpace users, we’ll have to wait for more details as the official launch date gets closer. But judging by the OpenSocial and Facebook platforms, your dreams of an easy way to get all of your data out of MySpace are unlikely to come true.

In the end, the MySpace platform will likely be yet another way to take part in fun but meaningless quizzes, play time-wasting games, view more ads and partake in all the other joys social networking sites have to offer.

If you’re interested in building something for the new MySpace platform, there’s a signup page for developers (login required).

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