Wednesday, January 30, 2008


By Chris Richburg

Award-winning beatsmith Lil Jon is diversifying the line up of his BME Click by adding various action sports athletes to the fold.

Among the newest members of the Click are pro-skateboarders Greg Lutzka and Ryan Sheckler (from MTV's Life of Ryan), pro-snowboarders Danny Kass and Dingo, and pro-surfer Travis Mellem.

Lil Jon, along with the entire BME Click, was on hand last week to support Kass as he competed in the SuperPipe competition at this year’s X-Games in Aspen.

The group officially welcomed in the event with a party for the BME Click during the Grenade Glove event at the BME/Oakley House.

"All of the BME athletes came together for the preview of the BME Grenade Glove and to support Danny Kass!," Lil Jon said. "BME Click was everywhere, from kids rockin' our bandanas and New Era hats, to athletes riding BME snowboards. It's always good to be with family, and that's what X-Games was."

The addition of the action sports stars marked the latest accomplishment for Lil Jon, who is noted for co-founding BME Recordings in 2001 and crafting hits for established artists such as Ciara, Usher and Three 6 Mafia.

"When Lil Jon wanted to get into action sports he wanted to pull the illest crew together, and it is an honor to be picked by that man," Kass said about joining the Click.

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