Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammy Wrap

First and foremost: Shout to FADER extended fam MARKY-LICIOUS "MO MONEY" RONSON for winning the “Producer of the Year” Grammy for his work on the Amy Winehouse record. RESPECT TO YO’ DAPPER DELF! You can catch Mark Ronson’s show on East Village Radio every Friday from 8-10 pm... right after FADER's THE LET OUT. But you knew that.

Secondly: When you make your debut on American television, it’s not a bad look to come at it like you are TRON, under blacklights, with blinking computer blood pulsating through your hands, after a stage-quaking performance by Kanye West and his glowing LED screen Sgt Pepper’s jacket. But then, Daft Punk don’t take no shorts—and last night on the Grammys, on their first American TV performance ever, the be-helmeted French dance knights did exactly that, performing a pretty phenomenal phosphorescent version of “Stronger” with Kanye—who, again, ripped the stage clean open with his performance. ‘Ye, with the word “MAMA” shaved into the back of his fade, also performed that track from Graduation, in a moving, beautiful dedication to his mother Mrs. Donda West, may she rest in peace.

'Ye and les Punks would have been the best performance of the night, if silvery Tina Turner hadn’t already killed it—she upstaged a barely clothed Beyonce in their "Proud Mary" duet by sheer force and fierce rasp. Note to selves: when we are 70, we hope we look as bangin' braless as Mama Tina did.

Rihanna performed "Umbrella" in the middle of The Time's reunion ("Jungle Love," of course), and Morris Day looked pissed that he got interrupted. But not as pissed as Solange when Rihanna and Jay-Z won the Grammy for best sung/rapped collabo or whatever, and Rih Rih tried to grab his hand and he dissed her and Solange was straight up gonna gangk her with a retractable Totes. Beyonce looked on, pro smile painted on and never wavering. That's our girl! DO NOT SHOW EMOTION IN PUBLIC, EVER. FTR, if we are ever in a fight, Solange is the Knowles we want on our side.

And then The Beatles were honored, because the Grammys cannot go on without giving an award to someone predictable.


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