Monday, February 4, 2008

Master P uhhhhhhhh!

By Chris Richburg

Providing necessary resources to educate youth about African-American heritage is the motivation behind a new effort and music video from rap mogul Master P and his son Romeo.

The duo has teamed up to release books, videos, and animations that chronicle the African-American experience.

The venture has created jobs for African-American animators and graphic artists such as UCLA graduate Ryan Hutchinson and Maryland native Olatokunbo Betiku.

For Master P, the venture serves as a way to provide knowledge about the past as well as to motivate change for the future.

"Due to a lack of education in the minority community, this is a great way to teach history to my people," said Master P., who drew on past leaders for inspiration.

"Martin Luther King set a fine example for all to follow and I just want to show that we are able to carry on his message and enlighten our youth," Master P. continued.

Their new "Black History" video clip expands on the significance of Black history by drawing parallels between modern America and America during the era of Civil Rights, while acknowledging advancements in African American culture and society that were made possible by historical figures such as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King Jr.

"My goal is to make this video part of the elementary and high school curriculum and also to make this song the anthem for Black History month," said Master P. "If we can get radio stations and TV networks to play this song at least one time during the month, we could educate millions."

Overall, Master P feels everyone can discover something they didn't know about Black history through "music, visual arts, and books, because it's the lack of education that's killing our community."

"I also think it's a pretty fun way to teach kids how to read," he continued, "and it's a great way to show people on the street that without change we will self-destruct."

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