Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Roots Show at the Apollo

Ok, so i made my way to the Apollo to see the show of The Legendary Roots Crew and i was not disappointed. First, they gave the audience a preview of the new song "75 Bars" which pretty much massacred the word "NIGGER" obsolete from the English Language and now the meaning is whatever you want to make it. I think radio will play it. ha. Back to the show. After giving the crowd some old gems and a quick mixtape of the hot songs in the last year or so as well as some 90 era magic, Questlove lead the guitarist and tromponist in a rendition of Masters of War by Bob Dylan. It blew me away and now i realize how legendary the crew has become. Not so new addition Kirk Douglas on guitar adds a vibrant and exciting showmanship plus skillfull playing that more than wets the whistle of any crowd. What more can they do but drop an album, go on tour and become the best band ever. The Apollo was happy and that is something.

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