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What fo Wale and Seinfield have in common: Nothing

What's With Wale Rapping So Good?

We mean, he's a rapper, but he's also a guy. What is the deal? And now imagine that farty Seinfeld song. One of our favorite dudes in the universe has a new mixtape coming out soon called The mixtape about nothing, and his name's Wale, and it totally references Seinfeld which made us go deep into Seinfeld YouTubes BUT ANYWAY. As a teaser we're posting Wale's "Chicago Falcon" remix (produced by Mark Ronson and DJ Eli) in which he raps about Seinfeld. Also go see Bee Movie. Shit is fire.

Download: Wale, "Chicago Falcon (remix)"

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New Dude N Nem

We are lucky to have friends like Noz who IM us fresh jams before they even have 100 views on Youtube. In on the ground floor! It was him who told us about Dude N Nem like ten million years ago (way before you knew) and now he's telling us they've got new (clips of) songs up on their Myspace page. "Feet on Fire" is basically a Squirrel Nut Zippers cover, McDonald's is a McDonald's radio commercial with a really crisp snare roll and "Crazy Song" (whose ridiculous video is above) puts that Soulja Boy "Yaaaaah" song to shame. No one makes no sense like these dudes. "Girl I hope you have an appetite/ because we're going to Mcdonald's" and "Girl I know I just met ya/ but can I splurge on ya." Maybe these are protest songs about the recession.

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Freeload: Chip Tha Ripper's MONEY Mixtape

A few weeks ago on the Q train some kids were talking about rappers they like when one of them started going on and on about some dude named Chip Tha Ripper being the "next shit." Sounded dubious, but The FADER editors keep our ear to the streets and it turns out dude is actually pretty awesome. He's from Cleveland, a city which he runs apparently, has a weird, halting, raspy voice and jokes for days. We're putting up a couple sample tracks from the tape, but by all means listen to the whole thing.

"Gun Go Bang"

"Supa Swag Man" feat. Big Duke

Download: DJ EV presents Chip Tha Ripper's MONEY Mixtape

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Audio: East Village Radio 2/8

Last Friday on "The Let Out" (our weekly show on East Village Radio, made possible by Dewars) we welcomed Seattle's Pretty Titty in to our spacious studio to spin some records and then Mark Ronson didn't show up because he was winning a Grammy. Listen LIVE to the new "The Let Out" on East Village Radio this and every following Friday from 6-8pm EST. Check the tracklist after the jump.

-Stream the 2/8 edition of "The Let Out" here.
-Download the mp3 for free directly here (right-click and save-as.)
-Add the show to your favorite podcasts by pasting this URL into your preferred podcast software: more...

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Freeload: Awesome Italo Disco Podcast By Skatebård

The cool thing about Italo Disco is that not even that long ago everyone thought it was super cheesy. WHATEVER! Any music that makes us feel like we are in a club on a spaceship or alternately playing, like, Doom for our Mac LCII gets an immediate pass from us. The fine folks at Sid Loves Turbo have posted a Skatebård (pronounced Skateboard) mix that has a whole bunch of obscure jammies on it, but then he'll throw in some stuff we recognize from Italians Do It Better, and just like that, we don't even know what year it is anymore and we are doing weird Italo Disco interpretive dances based on Tetris. Why are we talking about video games?

PS: Check out the haircut.

Freeload: Skatebård Italo Disco Podcast

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Freeload: Mickey Factz's The Leak #6

Photo from F51 by Thomas Prior
Following in the footsteps of Long Beach Death Row escapee Crooked I last year, our dude Mickey Factz (F51 Gen F and free mixtape here) is setting out on an extended proliferation of free joints. Every week he'll drop a new freestyle or brand new original song and tack on some photos and/or videos. RAP 2.0 lazyboners. To be honest, we're joining in a bit late, this being Week #6 already, but you can play catch-up at Ian's Kitchen if you like. This most recent however is Mickey and Jesse Boykins III giving the Swedes a run by covering Annie's "Heartbeat," and promising happier, sappier jams for Valentine's Day, so stay tuned.

Freeload:Mickey Factz f. Jesse Boykins III, "Heartbeat"

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Freak Scene #27

Clockwise from top left: Movietone, Liquorball, Luxurious Bags, Swirlies
Over the weekend I did some deep listening through the shelves and stacks and had many a debate about the best non-heard 90’s albums. Even in an age when underground music was well documented there’s always some gems that have seemed to slip through the cracks. Maybe its just cause I’ve been reading Schnipper's column too much. So this week I’m taking a break from new releases to revisit some old favorites and hopefully inspire some investigation into these works. more...

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NYC: Here's Something That Happened and Will Happen Again (Sort Of)

Photo from Liars/No Age show by Kate Pedatella
Isn't it crazy how No Age are huge now? We are into it. If you missed Saturday's sold out show with Liars YOU ARE IN LUCK because you can read our intern's review after the jump and after that, get a second chance to see No Age tonight at The Market Hotel along with our pals High Places, Rings, and a weird Telepathe dance thing that we don't really understand. Awesome city!

BRIEF PS: If you are going to the No Age show tonight and can pick us up a copy of Weirdo Rippers on vinyl and that No Age/Liars 7-inch that would be awesome! We will pay you back! We were just old and chilling up in the balcony and didn't wander down to the merch table. Holler at us more...

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FADER Photographers Win World Press Awards

Photo from F44 by Ariana Lindquist
The FADER has never made it a secret that we aim to make our magazine one of the most visually compelling in the business. We reach out to some of the world's finest photographers to help us make our stories stick indelibly in your brain, and last week, two of those photographers were awarded prizes in the 51st Annual World Press Photo Contest, one of the (if not the) most prestigious juried competitions in photojournalism. Ariana Lindquist, who shot our Chinese Rock story in Issue 44, won the 1st Prize for a single image in the Arts & Entertainment category with another of her Chinese subjects, while Carolyn Drake, whose photos will appear in Issue 52, won 2nd Prize in the Daily Life stories category for her series of residents in the Ukrainian mining town of Torez. Congrats to both of them. And to the judges of World Press Photo, subscriptions to The FADER can be purchased here.

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FADER TV: Behind the Scenes at Teyana Taylor's "Google Me" Video

After meeting her for our FADER 51 Gen F, we have decided that all people should be as fun and cool as Teyana Taylor. So when she invited us over to watch her film her new video for "Google Me," we of course said yes. And then we met her mom Nikki and decided that her mom should be our mom. So there you go. In the above video, FADER TV goes behind the scenes with Teyana, Nikki and some fierce catwalking dudes for our exclusive first look.

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The Grammy Wrap

First and foremost: Shout to FADER extended fam MARKY-LICIOUS "MO MONEY" RONSON for winning the “Producer of the Year” Grammy for his work on the Amy Winehouse record. RESPECT TO YO’ DAPPER DELF! You can catch Mark Ronson’s show on East Village Radio every Friday from 8-10 pm... right after FADER's THE LET OUT. But you knew that.

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Audio: Shawty Lo, "Foolish"

"Dey Know" has been a FADER office anthem, so we always make sure to check for the next Shawty Lo song. And here's another one! Not as anthemic as "Dey Know," but still good. Remember when people were complaining about snap music all the time? What was the deal with that? Snap music was awesome, and we kinda hope that Shawty and Fabo and the rest of D4L come back to it. If not, we're fine with this.

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Freeload: DJ Krames I'm in Pain Mixtape

Full buns for the download
So someone in this office was just like Dude you totally can't put up that Krames mix because everyone in Seattle totally knows that he's friends with Pretty Titty who I just posted about guest DJing The Let Out and they'll freak out. To which we say, no, we are actually going to put it up because it's awesome. Sorry Seattle.

Download: Actual Pain Presents: DJ Krames I'm in Pain

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Live And Direct: Pretty Titty

Tonight on the Let Out, our weekly East Village Radio show (made possible by Dewars) Clayton Vomero aka Pretty Titty (responsible for the excellent Sing Sing party with Fourcolorzack in Seattle) is coming to play jams and hang out in the mirrored studio with us. Before that we might play some folk or whatever tickles our fancy. Tune in to from 6-8 EST, and if you miss it, you can always grab the podcast afterwards.

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Houston: Bun B Returns

Photo by Todd Cole
We've always known Bun B to be a relentless hustler, when Pimp C was in jail he was always ready to let the world know he needed to be free: in videos or interviews or in concert, Bun B was always vocal about his partner. Now, for the first time since Pimp C's unfortunate passing, Bun B is performing solo at Houston's Warehouse tonight. We have seen Bun live before, and he is a genuine performer, rattling off classic after classic. Tonight should be no different, so if you're in Houston, go check him out. Check the full flier after the jump. more...

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Rubbin' to the '90s

Two years ago, at THE RUB DJs’ NEW YEAR’S EVE party in Brooklyn, the trio’s countdown-to-midnight was a slaying throwback set of the greatest-ever hip hop songs, year by year, starting somewhere in the late ‘80s. Because we had already consumed enough champagnes that we were hallucinating double Doctor Dres and Ed Lovers, we cannot remember if it was DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven, or Cosmo Baker spinning at that moment, or if they actually even started in the 1980s. But we do remember it was amazing. And ever since, we have been unwavering in our trust of the Rub DJs’ cavernous crates—and fortunately for all beatlovers, rhyme historians, and retro kids, they have parlayed the idea they mined so deftly that night into The Rub History of Hip-Hop" on Brooklyn Radio—an essential playlist of rap's classic joints, broken down by year. This week they celebrated 1994 - Smif N Wesson! Dru Down! Group Home! FADER fave Ill Al Skratch! Before you know it, you will be "lamping" on deep BK rooftops, lighting Ls and dialing DJ Evil Dee on the 2-way just see what's good. Click here to stream the last decade, and tune in next Monday to hear 1995. Download their shows spanning 1979-1989 here. Read Brooklyn Radio's interview with Ayres, Cosmo and Eleven about the series HERE.

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Q+A: Estevan Oriol

Adidas and Undefeated recently released 1979, a limited edition collaborative book with photographer Estevan Oriol, emphasizing the deep relationship of basketball to street wear and culture. The book comes with the purchase of the reissued 1979 Top Ten sneaker. We hit up Estevan in LA and talked to him about the book and some of the stories behind the photos. Check the interview after the jump. more...

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Stylee Fridays: Yohji/Y-3 Store Opening

Like a triangular pod of stylish goodness, the new Yohji Yamamoto store landed on earth (the Meatpacking District) earlier this week. It's been almost 20 years since the flagship store in SoHo opened its doors, so we figured Yohji would have something special up his sleeve—namely a two hit combo—the first ever Y-3 store in New York right across the street. The twin-openings just happened to land smack bang in the middle of fashion week, and what with the inter-store traffic might just have been the largest congregation of effortlessly well-dressed folk we've seen all week. Naturally, the keynote was black, right down to a Chicago Blackhawk Jersey we spotted on one partygoer. Check the full-size images after the jump. more...

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