Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

I was up to 5 in the morning the last few nights and each night was worth it. The weather is warming up, the time has changed and spring breakers are leaving the city. On Thursday, March 13th i was able to dabble in the underground rap and dance scence at two different venues. First, i went to the Bowery Poerty Club to listen to rappers of all facets spit their gritty tales and win a few bucks. The event was called RockStar Arena, a traveling Open Mic and Performance Showcase that gives New Yorkers a chance to see the good and bad of rap all in the same venue. Other rock acts played but no one was interested. Shout out to the bartender for the free whiskey and boob shot.I ended up at Glasslands in Brooklyn where the party should have begun. The place was packed, the hipsters, and hipettes were out but the music was off the heezy. A bmore infulenced New Jersey crew tore the roof off the motherfucker and made the place shake like it was a reshoot of Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. An unknown UK Dj finished off the night with a plate of grime, crunchy house and dub influenced techno. On Friday, March 14th I hit Le Royale in the west village where Busy P rocked the place to perfection. After an hour wait, they finally let my ass in the club where it was not packed to capacity. ha. I went upstairs to hear the music with my drunk ass and the crowd was swaying back and forth like it was church. Busy P kept the congregation under control with spins of Uffie, Dj Mehdi and some Kayne West. A good start and then the dirty music quenched our thirsts for rudeness and jobless struggles of the third kind. While drinking a bottle of vodka during mixes and sharing his drink with the women lost in his essence upfront, the french dj from Ed Banger Records proved to NY that he and his crew are not stopping with madison square gardens. After 30 minutes of neck breaking, sweating your ass cheeks off crunchy synthesized 4/4 house music, there seemed to be nothing left in the system and then there was more. His set breathed rockstar without the status. No video game could come close to the spiritual release we all felt from this set. Busy P did the damn thang.

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