Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dizee Rascal in the flesh Oiiiiiiiii!!!

Last night at Southpaw, i was able to muster up enough money for a ticket to broolyn extravaganza where i saw Game Rebellion-The new PE, Rye Rye-fire from Bmore and Dizee Rascal. Plus a nice session of beats from Dj Synapse. Game Rebellion as usual tore the roof off the motherfucker with hard beats, hard rhymes and a frontman that makes every other rock band out look like pussies. Yeah i said it. Brooklyn son. Peep out their new mixtape Searching for Rick Rubin. One question, Do you guys drop the DJ?

Next Dizzee Rascal showed that he was taking over the US, starting with Brooklyn. With his record being released via Def Jux and a fanbase that is so secretive even the blogger himself was caught in between chants of OI, jus a rascal and let me be old school. Dizzee tore the roof off the motherfucker with club beats, dub influenced grime out funkness and the bass hitting harder than miami alpine speakers. Boom. Aaron LaCrate controlled the ones and twos into the night.

Finally, Rye, Rye, the phenom from Baltimore wrecked havoc with her Bmore beats, old school earrings and Salt N Pepper style. Backed by the godfather of Bmore, Scottie B, she showed dance moves, energy drink jump n jack flash and a willingness to challenge anyone who denied her stardom.

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