Monday, March 24, 2008

Speaking of GirlTalk

After spending the lion's share of his time since 2006's Night Ripper on tour, Gregg Gillis is hard at work recording the next Girl Talk album for a late spring/early summer release. And while Girl Talk is very Web 2.0-accessible in concept and execution, the new record has not leaked, despite the appearance of an imposter this week.

In a MySpace blog post from Thursday, March 20, Gillis wrote, "Yesterday, someone posted a fake 'leak' of my upcoming album. I was not involved in this at all. The music posted had nothing to do with me. Please spread the word that the leak was fake." Done!

Now that we've got that cleared up, let it be known that the actual new Girl Talk record is tentatively titled Wild Peace IV: Feed the Animals, Raise the Dead, and in a press release, Gillis says it was created in the same way as Night Ripper but in a different spirit:

"I come up with little pieces of new material to experiment with at the live performances each week, and the general direction and style of the album naturally evolves over time... If you've seen me live recently, you've heard new material that will show up on this release...

"This album is going to be dense with samples like my previous releases, but I'm trying to give some of the parts more room to breathe. I'm focusing less on sporadic chops and more on having pieces of the album build. The new material definitely has its share of quick cuts, but it's less dependent on that style. I think it's more dynamic because of it."

Whenever it comes out, Illegal Art will give Wild Peace its online and CD release, while Wham City will handle the vinyl. And speaking of non-stop touring, Gillis has a few shows lined up; scope those below. [MORE...]

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