Friday, May 30, 2008

Chelsea Hotel Documented Viciously

New York's famed Hotel Chelsea is in the bright lights these days, which is weird considering how dark everyone says the boho hotspot is.

Abel Ferrara's new documentary Chelsea on the Rocks, which premiered at Cannes this weekend, as well the recently released photo essay Inside the Chelsea Hotel, characterize the legendary residence as an unending spiral of sex, drugs, rock and hell.

As actor Jamie Burke, who plays doomed Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious in Ferrara's doc, explained in the Associated Press on Sunday, Chelsea is a "vortex," an "artistic tornado of death and destruction and love and broken dreams."

Vicious infamously killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen while staying at the Chelsea in 1978, and musicians like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Tom Waits, Henri Chopin, Bob Dylan, Richard Hell and many more wrote some of their more memorable songs there. Leonard Cohen's tune "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" graphically chronicles his sexual union with Janis Joplin at the Chelsea. Other tracks about the hotel include Nico's "Chelsea Girls," Dylan's "Sara" and, most notably, Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning" which, remarkably enough, inspired the Clintons to name their daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Inside the Chelsea Hotel photographer Julia Calfee describes working at the residence as "living and working in the same place with a large extended, temperamental family full of artistic sensitivities and colossal egos, with long, exposed nerve ends."

The hotel is also where some of those nerve ends met their ends.

Along with Spungen, poet Dylan Thomas died of alchohol poisoning at St. Vincent's Hospital after binging at the Chelsea in 1953. Lost Weekend author Charles R. Jackson committed suicide at the Chelsea in 1968. On the other hand, Painter Alphaeus Cole died there at the record-setting age of 115.

Yet the Chelsea was also the birthplace of immortal creation: While under its roof, Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001, Jack Kerouac wrote On the Road, and Andy Warhol practically used it as ground zero for his Factory line of pop-art stars.

Much of that creation and destruction occurred under the watch of the Bard family, which managed the hotel for the last 60 years. In 2007, however, the Bard family was ousted (PDF) in a takeover and the fate of the Chelsea remains uncertain. But even if it succumbs to the kind of homogenization that has turned New York City into one huge shopping mall, it's bulletproof artistic legacy will remain intact.

Photo: Wikipedia

Weezer Leaks Pork and Beans

Weezer hit the virtual jackpot with "Pork and Beans," the band's hot new music video that mashes together a decade of internet memes in less than four minutes.

Whether you think of the savvy short as the web celeb edition of "We Are the World" or a live-action version of "Internet People," the catchy geek anthem hits its mark.

From the Daft Dancers (who do a separate Weezer promo, right) to the dramatic chipmunk, the memetastic video pays tribute to some of the net's biggest mind viruses.

Since its Friday upload, "Pork and Beans" has amassed an impressive 3.5 million views on YouTube -- and that was even before its televised debut on MTV, which happened late Tuesday. talked to video director Mathew Cullen, co-founder of studio Motion Theory, who spilled the beans on making "Pork and Beans," embracing your inner geek and discovering what Chocolate Rain crooner Tay Zonday is like when the cameras aren't rolling. OK, 'fess up. Who's the bigger geek -- Motion Theory or Weezer? I'm wondering whose idea it was to use web celebs for this ultimate geek anthem.
Mathew Cullen: Well, we'd been wanting to work with Weezer since their last album ... and five weeks ago Weezer sent us this song, and we immediately got the idea. ["Pork and Beans"] is this amazing song about being happy with who you are. That's exactly where it came from. There's never been a time like now, thanks to YouTube, where people can put themselves out there. So I embraced that concept. Had you seen the South Park episode featuring Tay Zonday, that crazy-eyed hamster and the Numa Numa kid in a web celeb death match?
Cullen: I actually didn't even know about the South Park episode until after we came up with the concept, but that message is almost about ending the lives of internet memes or viral stars. The idea is "let's move on from this," and the "Pork and Beans" video embraces an opposite message. Which is?
Cullen: I wanted the video to be a celebration of that creativity. I wanted it to be redemption for those who'd been unintentionally embarrassed by the power -- there is a sense of that for those who were shamed by it.

For example, take Mark Hicks, the Afro Ninja. He's a professional Hollywood stuntman who made one mistake at a casting session that is etched in [millions] of people's memories. It was leaked without his consent, it was him doing the opposite of what he does best -- and it was embarrassing professionally. He was very hard on himself for years because of that, but at a certain point embraced it. In this video, I wanted people to know he can kick some butt. There is an unintentional celebrity that happens on the internet. In the case of the Star Wars Kid, he wasn't able to get over it. Even though he's not in [the "Pork and "Beans" video], we wanted to put a nod [to him]. When did all of this go down?
Cullen: We shot it early May, in Los Angeles. Timing is everything ... it had to be relevant. For people who aren't on the internet, this is like a web CliffsNotes to getting into internet culture. What happened when all those memes got into one room? Any fights over web celeb status break out?
Cullen: [laughs] No, sorry. It was very surreal. Everyone was talking about the effect that YouTube has had on their life and the differences between celebrity and web celebrity. I witnessed very intelligent conversations about what their place is in the fold, and pop culture entertainment, and what the rippling effects of what they've done and what their future holds.... They were all really fascinated with each other. Anything happen off-screen that is viral-video worthy? Like a Chris Crocker, the Numa Numa kid and Miss South Carolina showdown?
Cullen: The shoot was a total whirlwind. But the group was all at the same hotel. They did hang out and party. That would have been good to get on tape. Over the next few weeks, there is going to be some really good bonus content -- interviews and some musical collaborations on the Weezer channel. So you'll see. Who was your dream meme to meet in person?
Cullen: Tay Zonday. I just think his music is incredible and it was fascinating to see him do his thing in person. Also, Judson Laipply (The Evolution of Dance). It was amazing to hear him tell his story. It was learning more about who these people are and beyond what we know from the 15-second or two-minute effect on our lives.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This dude was amazing-Quality Stuff-RIP

Camu Tao (Tero Smith, June 6, 1977 – May 25, 2008[1]) was an American rapper and producer who was signed to the Definitive Jux label. He is apart of the duo S.A. Smash with fellow rapper Metro, a part of the rap group Weathermen, and part of the Central Services production team with El-P.

He was also part of Columbus, Ohio's MHz crew with Copywrite, RJD2, Jakki Tha MotaMouth & Tage Proto, and with Cage, half of The Nighthawks,[2] who made one album during a single three-day creative session.[3]

Camu Tao was a part of the music collective Cardboard City, a group featuring Cage, XO Skeletons, Head Automatica and EL-P and among others.

Smith died on May 25, 2008, after a two-year battle with lung cancer.[1]

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday FADER contributor Scott Wright posted a Eli Escobar remix of Brooklyn funk squad Chin Chin on his Pinglewood blog (download it!) and pondered what the dudes in the furry hats are doing on El-P's Def Jux label. When we emailed him that it's probably because some members of Chin Chin are (were?) in El-P's touring band, Scott replied that he hoped that this means we can expect an El-P disco album. Probably not, but the closest El-P may ever come to that fate is Central Services, his group with Camu Tao, who sadly pasted away this weekend. Central Services' "I Work For The Government Now," from 2004's Who's America? compilation, is a sleeper cell favorite of ours. The two other Central Services songs that have been released don't sound anything like it, but if there are more songs like "I Work For The Government Now," we'd like to hear them. Please.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Transmission From Planet Kanye

It's going to take us long time and many foot massages to forgive Kanye for making us wait nearly three hours last night for his performance at G-Shock's 25th anniversary party. By the time he'd parked the helicopter (for real), taken his seat in the pod-chair and surrounded himself with a troop of bare-chested fembots, the whole thing had drifted into one long and extremely weird Dionysian hallucination. Between the boobs, the lazer show and the armchair raps it's even difficult to tell whether the man on stage was actually Kanye West and not some weird anti-ye hologram or maybe a mis-programmed android here to destroy the planet. Thankfully by the second verse of "Flashing Lights" all was forgiven, the universe was saved, we were on planet Kanye drinking kryptonite cocktails and everything was going to be OK.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

15 white Philly Cops beat 3 black victims

Things have not changed. It is fucked up. Whether they did it or not, it is excessive. I am from Philadelphia and i am seen this type of violence too often. Control your emotions and don't be a cop. bitches.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bypass Surgery

so i am a little depressed, frustrated, angry and awake for life at the moment. Last week i was able to take a sneak peek at the US healthcare system due to my own kidney infection, kidney stones and more. Pain in the back is not fun but when it is your kidney, a little fear kicks in. Vital organs are vital. As a result of the kidney, anitbiotics and pain medication. Then my dad is in the hospital for a bypass surgery. triple bypass to be exact. More emotions in one week than ever. The immediate family came together but it may not be the best moment. Oh, then me and my girlfriend split. What the else can i do. But i am looking at new avenue, and a new way of life. Lets go. New signs of life

Mickey Factz

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cool Kids Tour

By Tai Saint Louis

Throwback group The Cool Kids embarked on a promotional tour in Hawaii on Friday (May 2) in support of their forthcoming debut EP The Bake Sale.

Boasting 10 tracks including “Black Mags,” “Mikey Rocks,” and “88,” the EP will be released exclusively via iTunes on May 20, three weeks ahead the EP’s in-store date, June 10, on Chocolate Industries.

Chocolate Industries is the indie label which is also home to Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) and UK emcee Lady Sovereign.

Starting July 19, The Cool Kids will bring their promo tour to a larger stage when they embark on the 2008 Rock The Bells Festival.

The Chicago-based 80’s throwback duo, comprised of Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish, will share the stage with some of the best live acts in Hip-Hop, including A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, Rakim, De La Soul, Method Man and Redman, Raekwon & Ghostface, Immortal Technique and Dead Prez, many of whom will also be promoting 2008 releases.

Also joining the Rock The Bells line-up, in the festival’s first international foray, are Kid Sister, Spankrock, Santogold, Jay Electronica, and Wale, all recognized alongside The Cool Kids as heading up the new so-called "electro" Hip-Hop movement.

The Cool Kids will also take advantage of this tour to promote socio-political causes close to their hearts.

In an effort to raise awareness among their fans, they have invited peta2, the Youth branch of animal rights organization Peta, to join them along their promotional stops.

Chuck and Mikey even recently recorded a promotional video for peta2 in support of the organizations “fur-free pledge” initiative.

The Cool Kids will also hit the stage in Chicago on May 21, as part of the Darfur Now College Tour and documentary.

Upcoming Cool Kids tour dates:

05-07 Middletown, CT - Wesleyan University
05-09 Madison, WI - University of Wisconsin-Madison
05-10 Northfield, MN - Carleton College
05-16 Galesburg, IL - Knox College
05-17 Chicago, IL - University of Chicago
05-21 Chicago, IL - Abbey Pub (Darfur Now College Tour)
05-25 Detroit, MI - Detroit Electronic Music Festival
05-31 Evanston, IL - Northwestern University
06-05 Cincinnati, OH - Cue Club
06-06 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
06-07 Philadelphia, PA - The Roots Picnic
06-08 Washington, DC - Black Cat
06-19-21 Pori, Finland - RMJ Festival
06-23-27 Arendal, Norway - Hove Festival
07-03-06 London, England - O2 Wireless Festival
07-11-13 Frauenfeld, Switzerland - Openair Frauenfeld
07-20 Toronto, Ontario - Rock the Bells Tour
07-26 Boston, MA - Rock the Bells Tour
07-27 New York, NY - Rock the Bells Tour
08-01 Chicago, IL - Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
08-02 Miami, FL - Rock the Bells Tour
08-03 Philadelphia, PA - Rock the Bells Tour
08-09 Denver, CO - Rock the Bells Tour

I love theese guys.

I get sensitive as well. Check this video

Thursday, May 1, 2008


By Ace Cannon

Legendary Hip-Hop label Wild Pitch Records is reissuing its entire catalog on CD and via the Internet through a new deal with Universal/Fontana Distribution. Wild Pitch was home to some of greatest artists in Hip-Hop history. Groups like Ultramagnetic MC’s, Chill Rob G., Gangstarr, O.C. and Main Source once recorded for the storied label. Main Source’s classic track “Live At The Bar B Que” is also gaining a new fan base with its inclusion in the new Grand Theft Auto 4 video game.

Reissues are listed below:

Super Lover 2 & Casanova Red -“Blow Up The Spot”
Hard Knocks – “School Of Hard Knocks”
Brokin English – “Klick”
Chill Rob G– “Ride The Rhythm”
Lord Finesse/DJ Mike Smooth – “Funky Technician”
Main Source – “Breaking Atoms”
Gang Starr – “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
The Coup – “Kill My Landlord”
Main Source – “F What You Think”
OC – “Word Life”
The Coup – “Genocide & Juice”
Umc’s – “Fruits Of Nature”
Umc’s – “The Four Horsemen”
Umc’s – “Unleashed”
Wild Pitch Classics – “Wild Pitch Classics”




Fans eager for something to chew on before RZA and Koch deliver those Digi Snacks on July 1 need look no further: Bobby Digital has pulled back the curtain on the tracklist for his latest opus, as well as some...interesting cover art.

The Gary Alford illustration up there is no doubt etched into your occipital lobe for life by now, so let's just move on to the details, eh? Digi Snacks collects 15 tracks and features guest-work from only one other Clan member, Inspectah Deck (as you know), plus Crisis, Dexter Wiggles, Thea van Seijen, and the previously mentioned Stone Mecca. The Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante, Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down and the new RZA collabo Achozen, and George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison (who you might know from the Wu's "The Heart Gently Weeps "), all pitch in as well, and David Banner produced a track.

And if what RZA told Pitchfork recently is true, the album is "fun."

Listed below are the tracks that are going to appear on the album, though not in order. Additionally, Guitar Center will be selling copies of the album featuring bonus instrumentals.

But wait! That's just the "clean" version of the cover art up there, which will be for sale in most mainstream record stores. Its "dirty" counterpart resides just beyond the threshold of decency here we like to call the "jump", if your eyes are up to it. Needless to say, it's not safe for work, school, home, the car, the bank, the local watering hole, or really any place that isn't a box tucked deep under an adolescent boy's bed. Definitely not safe for any stages in Scotland, that's for sure.

If anyone asks though, just tell them you're checking out the, um, tour dates down there...right. [MORE...]