Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Yesterday FADER contributor Scott Wright posted a Eli Escobar remix of Brooklyn funk squad Chin Chin on his Pinglewood blog (download it!) and pondered what the dudes in the furry hats are doing on El-P's Def Jux label. When we emailed him that it's probably because some members of Chin Chin are (were?) in El-P's touring band, Scott replied that he hoped that this means we can expect an El-P disco album. Probably not, but the closest El-P may ever come to that fate is Central Services, his group with Camu Tao, who sadly pasted away this weekend. Central Services' "I Work For The Government Now," from 2004's Who's America? compilation, is a sleeper cell favorite of ours. The two other Central Services songs that have been released don't sound anything like it, but if there are more songs like "I Work For The Government Now," we'd like to hear them. Please.

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