Thursday, May 1, 2008


By Ace Cannon

Legendary Hip-Hop label Wild Pitch Records is reissuing its entire catalog on CD and via the Internet through a new deal with Universal/Fontana Distribution. Wild Pitch was home to some of greatest artists in Hip-Hop history. Groups like Ultramagnetic MC’s, Chill Rob G., Gangstarr, O.C. and Main Source once recorded for the storied label. Main Source’s classic track “Live At The Bar B Que” is also gaining a new fan base with its inclusion in the new Grand Theft Auto 4 video game.

Reissues are listed below:

Super Lover 2 & Casanova Red -“Blow Up The Spot”
Hard Knocks – “School Of Hard Knocks”
Brokin English – “Klick”
Chill Rob G– “Ride The Rhythm”
Lord Finesse/DJ Mike Smooth – “Funky Technician”
Main Source – “Breaking Atoms”
Gang Starr – “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
The Coup – “Kill My Landlord”
Main Source – “F What You Think”
OC – “Word Life”
The Coup – “Genocide & Juice”
Umc’s – “Fruits Of Nature”
Umc’s – “The Four Horsemen”
Umc’s – “Unleashed”
Wild Pitch Classics – “Wild Pitch Classics”

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