Sunday, June 15, 2008

Diplo vs The Roots part 2

Diplo brings more of his style to the mix. As a result, he opens the ears for new music and a new journey in the mind of the listener. Of course to keep the partee going he will drop familiar party songs but his ear for new, exciting club oriented music has made a name for himself over the years and influenced what other djs are playing and listening and mixing. He has done this with amazing fervor, flavor and worldwide acceptance. Yet people still do not know who he is. On the other side, The Roots have experimented with their albums to my surprise and satisfaction, but their show has seem to diminish. Maybe they are getting lazy or unfamiliar with what a good hip hop band is or used to be. They pretty much created and heightened but now they are so jammy that it is scary. Yes i know the show should be consistent each time but maybe that is problem. Hip hop is about keeping it fresh and new. However, Black Thought says it best "I done lost my passion."

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