Thursday, July 24, 2008

J*Davey is reaching the planets

By Felicia Barclay

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The thirst quencher needed to revitalize the current state of music has finally arrived in the form of J*DaVeY.

Combining New Wave, Jazz, Electronica, and R&B, J*DaVeY (female singer Jack Davey and male producer Brook D’Leau) presents funky beats combined with a dash of new school flavor.

Their double album release, The Beauty In Distortion / The Land Of The Lost (Interdependent Media) is the elixir that music has been lacking for quite some time. While J*DaVey has made music for over eight years, their double album “debut” reintroduces the group to the masses with a force to break the musical monotony.

The first disc, The Beauty In Distortion opens with “Division Of Joy,” takes you on a futuristic expedition of electric guitars and organs reminiscent of vintage No Doubt. “Mr. Mister” – the first release from the group – is a flirty club-ready tune about a girl chase boy pursuit. Tracks like “Everybody Touch It” and “Enterception” feature Brook’s production dexterity, guiding you in a trance-like labyrinth of organs and synthesizers.
The first disc closes with a future screw remix of “Mr. Mister” with Jack slithering through the slowed down track which transitions midway into a Dance mix.

The Land of the Lost opens with the lethargic flow of “Hi Sun.” However, the offbeat collaboration of the up-tempo “Slayers” featuring Pacific Division, Dia Gibram and Bleu Collar, throws the vibe of the album out of sync. Jack showcases her MC skills on tracks like the ?uestlove produced “Lil Big Heads” and “Rock the Dancehall” featuring Kardinal Offishall on the liquefied riddim. Additionally, “Just Because” features Phonte of Little Brother lending his smooth vocals to the track’s wavelength.

The Beauty In Distortion / The Land Of The Lost is most certainly a must grab and an introduction to a group that has been making music longer than many artists out today. There are a few misses that offset the overall flow, but nonetheless J*DaVeY manages to showcase their multiplicity and dares to be different. Any music lover can appreciate that.

Monday, July 21, 2008


By Nolan Strong

Popular female DJ K-Swift died this morning (July 21) in a swimming pool accident in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland has learned.

K-Swift, born Khia Edgerton, was just 28-years-old, at the time of her death, although she started DJ’ing at the age of 11, due to the influence of other pioneering DJ’s like Cocoa Channel and Jazzy Joyce.

K-Swift broke ground on Baltimore’s Radio One station 92Q Jams, where she rose to Female Mix Show Coordinator and was the only female in the country to hold the title.

She was also a member of the Violator-All Star DJ Coalition, as well as a member of the all female squad the Murda Mami’s.

"I'm at a loss for words right now,” Murda Mami founder 1st Lady El told “K-Swift was not only one of my Murda Mami sisters, she was a great friend. She knocked down doors for women in this industry, so humble and hard working. Legendary in the club music scene and the number one DJ in Baltimore. She will be missed."

In addition to being the only female record pool director in Baltimore (Direct Drive Record Pool), K-Swift also owned Club Queen Entertainment, a graphics management and production company.

Details on her death will be released shortly.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Saul Williams - Children of the Night

he just performed last night and blew the wind of the city that never sleeps and yet only a few were listening.