Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gooing GA GA for Diddy

So i watched the last few episodes of Trying to work for Diddy And failing. As usual, it is the P.Diddy showcase with a few bad boy artists in between the mix. The potential assistants were struggling and it was pretty standard reality TV. It did not make Diddy look like an asshole but the show reminded me how much being an Assistant to Anyone sucks. Let me rephrase, being an assistant to a CEO sucks. However, the contacts are worth it if you want to be in the business. You will lose sleep, you will stress out and you will not be able to complain to anyone except your parents who will say trying raising a spoiled brat for 20 something years. Good Luck Interns. Oh, use common sense.

Travis Barker going back to Cali

By Tai Saint Louis

Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is making his way back to the West Coast this afternoon (September 29), following his release from the Augusta, Georgia burn unit, where he has been receiving care for the last nine days.

According to Joseph M. Still Burn Center spokesperson Beth Frits, Barker was released around 10am Monday morning.

He reportedly boarded a California-bound bus with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, who has been by his side for the last week.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Outrageous Fun

Look my chippie from the UK who gives me insight on all things good and mad decent. She told me she saw this group called the New Orleans Bingo Show. Google them and me of course. They rocked NYC at the beginning of the month. Sort of a variety show with a bingo contest in the middle of the show. Who does not love bingo!!!!!

Peep the Program

First and foremost, i have to say that i love my friends and family. Plus, i love the independent promoters in each city promoting all age shows in their respective cities. Much love to persistence and open mindness towards new music. Second, i have to express my satisfaction with Mr West Mr West. He said his album is finished and ready for the label to criticize. Hopefully, they will trust in West like we trust in Obama. So fresh so clean. In the next month, i am going to start to Vblog while i am at events of all kinds. Plus, a video for my single Bump N Sniff is coming soon. Bloggers,Industry Folks, and fans pay attention.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Skyzoo is my favorite new rapper. Besides me. he he

Being Called Out

What is the deal with being called out. Make good music and live. Day to day, i am digging in the crates, flipping thru papers or searching the numerous music blogs for new,fresh music. Something for the eargasm. In addition, i added my freshness, my sneaker and wardrobe fetishes, my ideas, my politics and the advancement of the hip hop movement. Well, after all that, i continue on my bath. Check out thefader.com and put in Bangladesh. Now that is fresh.

Friday, September 19, 2008


So i received several emails in the last few days on my music from overseas contacts and djs. Thank for the excellent responses. Most excellent(bill and ted). A video is being processed through the mastermind of Ben Craig. A video genius by the way. I am vibing out to the recently released Kings Of Leon Cd. I am a dedicated fan since day one. I met a cousin of the singer in Texas and she put me on to their first cd. The new release is an evolution from their original sound but it sounds like they could be next big band in the next 5-10 years. That is saying alot for american bands. Lets keep it moving.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hot Dog Mistakes

So during my last day in Sao Paulo, Brasil, my friends and i tasted a little more vendor culture in the wee morning. Not new to us but new to the body. The vendor was right outside the club and we could not resist. Now the meat component was hot dog which i despise whether i was vegetarian or not. But the condiments really made the hot dogt obsolete. Be warned this may hurt your stomach. Hot dog buns, Hot dog, Potatoes, melted chedder cheese, mustard, mayo, ketchup, onions and relish and top it off with cheese wiz. The vendor lady may have snuck in a few hot peppers as well. Like whoa. lets just say that my buddy Fernando had a few too many hot dog sandwiches after a long night of drinking. or as he puts it-i pissed out of my ass. Sorry dog. stay up.

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon

They look different but sound like rock. hmmmmmmm. your thoughts?

How i do i Rage into the Knight

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

capoeira brasil (samba)

This is waht i experienced in Brasil.


By Alvin 'aqua' Blanco
“I’m not signed to Re-Up Gang Records anymore. I asked for release—make sure it says that—I asked for a release, nobody dropped me. So put free agent in there,” says Sandman, the baritone voiced MC you may have heard of.

And just like that, the Re-Up Gang, as we have known it, is no more. Well, while the Clipse (Malice, Pusha-T) and Ab-Liva press on, Sandman’s menacing mic antics will no longer be riding shotgun. After three critically acclaimed We Got It 4 Cheap mixtapes, the Philadelphia repping MC has decided to move on, citing uncertainty surrounding the team’s direction and too flexible release dates.

It was only in March 2008, that Sandman was telling AllHipHop, “I’m happy where I’m at as far as Re-Up Gang records,” shortly after Re-Up announced a joint venture with Columbia Records at the top of ’08. According to Sandman, the proper Re-Up Gang album was supposed to be released on June 9th.

“Obviously that date has been revoked and now the Clipse have a date for the top of ’09,” says Sandman. “There’s nothing else left in that pipeline there was no discussions to have, it was just like alright that’s that.”

“Re-Up Gang as a foursome had the biggest buzz since N.W.A.”

Then there is the case of the critically maligned Clipse Presents… Re-Up Gang album released on August 5, 2008 via Koch Records. According to Sandman the project was never supposed to be part of the group’s equation, as far as he knew. While the lyrics have never been a question from the four man squad, the album’s beats were lackluster, with a number of songs being “remixed” cuts from the We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 mixtape. Sandman notes that he was just as confused as the fans.

“I was told by Pusha that we was gon’ license the beats for We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 and simply put that in the stores, shoot a video for ‘20K [Money Making Brothers on a Corner]’ and ‘Show You How to Hustle,’” says Sandman. “We went around promoting “20K Brothers” as our first single. Out of no f***in’ where comes this ‘Fast Life’ record.”

For those keeping up, the Scott Storch produced “Fast Life” was the lead single for the Clipse Presents Re-Up Gang album, but the song only featured Pusha-T and Malice.

“I’m a hundred thousand percent for the Clipse building they song library,” stresses Sandman. “Music, that’s the platform so we all gotta keep doing it and I believe in that.” However, he continues, “I don’t think that a Clipse song should have been the lead for a Re-Up Gang album because it’s Re-Up Gang. Second of all, I think if they were gonna do a song, at least stay in the vein and the realm of Re-Up because ‘Fast Life’ is not Re-Up Gang music, [there] was no content of that nature on any of our We Got It 4 Cheaps.”

Sandman continues, “If the beats was licensed we would have had the beats we rapped to [on We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol 3], so I don’t know what the case was man, I can’t even answer that. I looked up in the Internet and saw what you guys got. Not only was the beats wack, but who the f**k was listening to it when it came down to mix and master this b***h because one of them songs are totally off beat, totally.”

The brother who said he was “coldhearted, I could freeze velour” on “What’s Up” from We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2 asserts he holds no ill will towards Malice and Pusha. But he does lament the fact that Re-Up isn’t going to see the years of hard work put in come to proper fruition. “Re-Up Gang as a foursome had the biggest buzz since N.W.A.,” says Sandman matter-of-factly. “That was the last time four n***as got together and got what we got, critically acclaimed this that and the third, Rolling Stone interviews, come on. It has a cult like following, so now what happens to that?”

“If I come out and get a hook from T-Pain and a beat from whoever the f**k is poppin’ I just did what the last 20 people just did.”

Right now Sandman is re-focusing on his C.A.N.N.O.N.S. Inc., though thanks to his omnipresent “Yeah, Cannons!” ad lib it’s not like he ever let it slip to the wayside. The roster of artists is deep (HouseWife, Lil Spazz, Lo’ Pro, Kawshen, Wild Bill, Eddie Somerset, Teflon, Chris Bugz, Cheech Myers, Rush and Filthy Rich.) and after dropping a mixtape, Philadelphia Ego, a few months back, Sandman just released the resounding street album Gianormous.

More in line with the vibe of the We Got It 4 Cheap series, Gianormous is stacked with impeccable lyricism matched with thumping beats. “Gianormous is me picking up where I left off,” says Sandman. “When Pusha met me he had four of my CDs, they all read ‘Cannons Inc.’ This situation definitely tells me, ‘Hello, gotta get on your horse and gallop.’ That’s not hard ’cause motherf***ers like dope music and I got plenty of that.”

Sandman "Anchor" from IMC Productions on Vimeo.

The album’s tracks, including lead single “Anchor,” are crafted by up and coming beatmakers including Bionik (“Rockin & Rollin’”), School of Velocity (“Anchor”) and The Boogiemen. It was all to plan.

“That’s the only way you change the game,” explains Sandman. “If I come out and get a hook from T-Pain and a beat from whoever the f**k is poppin’ I just did what the last 20 people just did. If I come with five, six n****s you never heard of but they bringing that work, I got a whole new conversation in Hip-Hop started.”

A topic of discussion will inevitably be, What do the Clipse think? When asked for comment the VA brothers provided the following statement attributed to Re-Up Gang Records: “We wish him well and know his talents will be recognized by the masses just as we recognized them when we met...all the best!!!”

http://www.allhiphop.com/photos/blog_pictures/images/20503259/original.aspxSandman also made sure to note his relationship with Ab-Liva is still solid. “Ab-Liva been my n***a before we even knew the Clipse, so you know that ain’t gon’ never change.”

The hustle—moving the lyrics and beats like weight—isn’t changing either. Right now Sandman is looking for distribution [“I’m thinking about Allen Grunblatt. I’m waiting on a phone call from Steve Rifkind,”].

Sandman’s pitch sounds good. “I’m a free agent and I’m a boss, I shoot my own videos, I got my own Web site, I got my own crew, I made my own name, I got my own beatmen, like what the f**k do you want, what’s left? I’m self-contained.”

It’s hard to doubt Sandcannon won’t eventually get his own re-up.


By Alex Thornton

At 17, Baltimore’s Rye Rye is in her final year of high-school, but she’s already a graduate of the place from where she got her real education: the club. Growing up in a city known worldwide for it’s home-grown brand of dance music, it’s only natural that Rye Rye would absorb the beats into her blood.

She’s not some encyclopedia of records that she memorized after digging in crates and surfing the net; the music is such a part of her that she can barely articulate what her favorite tracks are when pressed. She tentatively rattles off “Hands Up, Thumbs Down” and a few other classics, but gives up quickly.

“There’s so much old-school club music that I used to listen to that I don’t even know the names,” she explains, laughing to herself. Her knowledge doesn’t come from compilations she copied from a friend’s laptop. She was taught about music by DJs who provided an ever changing, hours long stream of music that skipped her mind and went straight into her soul. It’s no wonder then that practically overnight, she went from one of a hundred girls dancing in the club to the little sister of the Mad Decent crew, getting love from Perez Hilton and rhyming on tracks from Diplo and Blaqstarr.

Before even having an album, she was invited to join with M.I.A. while she traveled and got her BA in World Tours. During her apprenticeship with Dr. Arulpragasam, she observed the behavior of club kids the world over and now, Rye Rye prepares to get serious about finishing her as of yet untitled album.

Between her natural, care-free style and a group of producers at her disposal that most established artists would kill for, it’s only a matter of time before she’s got an hour of her own music to drive into the hearts of Baltimore’s youth. Then, the student can finally become the teacher.

AllHipHop.com Alternatives: How long have you been rapping and performing?

Rye Rye: Um… since I was 16, the summer of ’06.

AHHA: That wasn’t that long ago; what made you decide to start? Did you secretly want to rap the whole time or did it just happen accidentally?

Rye Rye: It was something that just popped up. I was a dancer and I used to write poetry, but one day I decided to try to write a verse. I ran into Blaqstarr and he asked me if I knew how to rap. I was being shy, so I took that verse I wrote and turned it into a song. I called him up and he wasn’t home so I just rapped the song on his answering machine.

When I was in the club one day, he came up to me like “my brother likes your song, spit the first verse for him right here.” After that, I started going into the studio to record.

AHHA: At your age, how are you getting exposed to the club music and meeting guys like Blaqstarr?

Rye Rye: Down here in B-more, clubs open for the teenagers that are 17 and older, but I used to go even when I was young. A lot of the club music gets played on the radio so even then I got exposed to it and it was something that I grew up on. I just took if from there.

"Down here in B-more, clubs open for the teenagers that are 17 and older, but I used to go even when I was young. A lot of the club music gets played on the radio so even then I got exposed to it and it was something that I grew up on. I just took if from there."

AHHA: Were you into the more straightforward Hip-Hop as well?

Rye Rye: I used to watch a lot of the traditional Hip-Hop on TV, but since I dance I was always more into club the scene. We used to do Hip-Hop and R&B too but I would always really listen to club.

AHHA: You recently came off a world tour with M.I.A. and went to a lot of places that you’d never been before. What did you see that was different from what you’d been encountering in the US?

Rye Rye: The music and the scene is a little different because it’s all kinds of music and a blend. If you come to a club down here [in Baltimore] people will dance if they know how, but when you go to different countries, everybody dances no matter what and they have a good time. Down here everybody’s competitive and they’re always battling but when I go out of town everybody’s partying.

AHHA: M.I.A. is a pretty popular artist around the world, so your first tour was bigger than what a lot of new artists get.

Rye Rye: Yeah, it was pretty big. Most of the venues weren’t club venue,s but it’s always that same vibe because if the music’s loud and the bass hits hard then the crowd is into it. It was a pretty good experience because I was with an artist bigger than myself and saw how she contains the crowd so it helped my performance as well. She interacts with the crowd a lot and that’s what she tells me to do. That’s one of my major problems because I’m shy.

AHHA: How did you manage to balance school with the tour? You were gone through most of the school year.

Rye Rye: When I was out on tour, they would just send me stuff with all kinds of work to do that I’d bring back with me and we’d communicate through the internet.

AHHA: What about your mother? How did she react when you told her about going?

Rye Rye: My mother was excited about it. She wanted me to do it but she was definitely worried about school.

AHHA: Now that you’re back and can spend more time in the studio, what are your plans for the album?

Rye Rye: I plan to do everything. My music is Baltimore club, but I can do all kinds; my music is unclassified. Hip-Hop, R&B, Baltimeore Club, House Music... I’m finishing working on it now, it’ll probably come out maybe the beginning of next year. [For producers] I’m working with Zakee from DC, I been working with Diplo, Blaqstarr, I look forward to working with the Cool Kids and Maya’s [M.I.A.] my executive producer.

AHHA: With all the time you spend in the club are we ever going to see you DJ?

Rye Rye: [laughs] Um… I’m thinking about learning to DJ. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea, but I tried it once but I messed up the party.

New Video from The Cool Kids

chi town stand up!!!The cool kids deliver

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pink Floyd founding member Richard Wright dies

RIP: Pink Floyd's Richard Wright
By Eliot Van Buskirk EmailSeptember 15, 2008 | 2:24:12 PMCategories: R.I.P.

Picture_17 Pink Floyd founding member and keyboardist Richard Wright died on Monday following "a short struggle with cancer" at the age of 65, according to a note posted on the official Pink Floyd website.

"I really don't know what to say other than that he was such a lovely, gentle, genuine man and will be missed terribly by so many who loved him," wrote bandmate David Gilmour, who joined Pink Floyd in 1968, on his blog. "And that's a lot of people. Did he not get the loudest, longest round of applause at the end of every show (during the band's reunion tour) in 2006?"

The self-taught pianist and keyboardist will be missed. Listen below to four Pink Floyd songs featuring his work: "Astronomy Domine," with lead vocals by Wright; "Us and Them" and "The Great Gig in the Sky," both written by Wright; and the gorgeous "Fearless" from the album Meddle, believed to feature his compositional skills.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sao Paulo PART 101


Sao Paulo part 100

Finally, i hear and heard the funk. A random costume party and a hip hop(they call it RNB AND MEAN IT) club brought the funk to the hills of the mind. Blasting some favorites that i have played on my ipod, and cd player as well as some new stuff. Favleas are popping off and the neighborhoods are wild every single day. There is a party in this city everyday. Thank god for unemployment.

Sao Paulo

So after a few days in Brazil, a great shower, an overpriced hotel and some good churrascas, a friend of a friend got in touch with Fernando. Fernando is the don juan of Sao Paulo. He knows, sees and lives all. A thrid eye if you will and yes, an inspiration to true marketers,brazilians and worldly travellers. Fernando welcomed us with open arms into his apartment which he shares with his sister(who is gorgeous). He introduced us to all of his friends, took us to the best clubs, got us lifted and drunk everyday and i almost had to say i was getting too old for this shit. But I goes hard. Even when it means sleeping in a club that pounds techno and house all night. ha.
Fernando owns 3 companies. A casting, publicity and promotional company. He lives near everything and everyone. We could come and go as we pleased. Seriously this is a thank you to Fernando for the hospitality and the good in all people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It took us 2 hrs to get to Sao Paulo and we hit the ground running. Already hit a few clubs which i referenced in my last few blogs. Yesterday, we traveled to Unique Hotel which is amazing. Spectacular is a better word. The hotel is shaped like a boat and the rooftop has a pool,restaurant,bar combination. You can see the entire city from the rooftop and the clientale is chic to get in where you fit in. Did i say that the women here are beautiful. Smoking.
We drank at the hotel for a few hours and challenged our stomach to new drinks and recipes. As we stumbled out, we taxied our asses to a club called Inferno. Not bad. Reminded me of a mid 90`s hip hop club but a little more thugged out. Djs are big into R&B rather than Hip Hop which we discovered thru a few connects. Mixing All types of R&B with some silky smooth rap verses and a little reggae made the night move in the right direction. Or at least an interesting sort of drunk stupor direction. We did not shut the club down but we bagged a few numbers, said hi to a few street walkers and jumped in a cab with a heavy set blue shirt,no hands on the wheel fun loving driver that insisted we should go to Club Vegas at that moment. I saaid i want some cold pizza and my bed. I won.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ok i am late but now i really get it

Baile Funk drives the people and vice versa. If you do not know, you better ask. I am now in Brazil on my second day, barely awake but loving every minute. We checked out a few music spots last night.(kilt club and lovestore to be exact). Bump N Sniff was played for a third time in a different country and city in South America. The remix is fire. The people love it especially the women. New Single called DO WORK coming soon. Djs hit me up for remixes.

Iguacu Falls

This is one of the seven natural wonders in the world. You have to see it to really appreciate nature. Stunning. Pics to follow

Buenos Aires Part 8

We all went to see Paraguay vs Argentina football for the world cup qualifying game. It was cold,it was raining and the game ended in a tie. But we got on the local news, we ate a few hot dogs,we meshed with the people and screammed till we lost our voices.

Buenos Aires Part 7

The apartment is aamazing. I mean REAL World, Road Rules, Puff Daddy, cant stop wont stop amazing. Pictures will follow in a week. FYI, it was in the city of Palmero which btw also has an amazaing steakhouse called LA CABERRA

Bueno Aires part 6

The bike tour is a great thing to do in any city. We met some new folks that were from the States but visiting and we saw all parts of the city within a few hours. Do i remember them all? Lets just say liquor is quicker. But the fact that parts of the city streets are named after countries in SOuth America and parts of the city streets of Buenos Aires are named after women who helped the city grow or changed the course of city or even designed a building is amazing. Shout to our cute tour guide and the girl from Portland, Oregon. We had a sunglass moment.

Happy Birthday to Kendal Black

Buenos Aire part 5

Lost is the spot on thurday in Bueno Aires. A dance contest begins the night at 10pm. At 1am, the night begins. trust me, 1am is when the party begins at every club. First off, hip hop is the shit and is not dying in other countries. People went bonkers on all floors. Nonstop till the club shut down Fo sure. bTW, reggaeton is not dead. trust. second, the ladies knew every single word and they did not know a lick of english. like whoa. The VIP was not really VIP. All for one and one for all. now, we may have been th

Bueno Aires Part 4A

Rumi is the spot where a few people were drunk. Pictures were taken. They lost out.

Bueno Aires part 4

Do not get drunk around me.

Buenos Aires Part 3

Tango is a beautiful,romantic dance. check out the history if you do not know. We took a Tango lesson in south bueno aires. The ladies were indesrible. Gorgeous. Lovely dancers. Even though we arrived late, they welcomed us with open arms. We learned the basic steps. Then we were told to let go and guide the moves with our hearts. The best advice they gave me. The steps became fluid with my body. I wanted to become one with my partner and that is also a goal in Tango. You have to become one. Communication with your partner is key. Even with basic steps, the Tango is 3 minutes of love. I fell in love with the dance, the class, and at least 3 women. I am tired.

Buenos Aires part 2

In Cro-Bar, i met this hot little mami that i swear looked like a girl i used to date in Germany. Being a limited spanish speaker, we had slight trouble communicating. We danced,we hugged, we kissed, we danced some more and then we kissed some more. she brought me into her world which made the night amazing. She was skinny build,long dirty blonde hair,a wife beater slight pulled up to show midrift and long legs covered in blk jeans. eyes were blues, lips were lucious and the timing was there.As she stroked my blonde tipped dreds, the Reggae music played into our heads all night. Now i have to apologize to her b/c i had to check on my friends and i told her to email me since i did not have a phone. I think we were lost in translation but still with one another in soul. I will bring a phone next time.

Buenos Aires

Ok. Another update from this beautiful land. Well, as much as cumbia is blowing off the rictor scale in the States as well as some spots overseas in Europe, i only heard cumbia in a few local lounges. Being gringos, we were let into every spot for free and ahead of long lines. The clubs are more packed down here and the kids are more passionate abt all types of music. In buenos aires, we hit up Musemo,Lost,Arroz,Cro-Bar,Pacha,Rumi and a few gentlemen spots. All spots were packed to door and at least two floors. Insanity but in a good way. The gringos were running the spots.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chile- Round 1

The crew and i are on the fourth day of Chile and loving it. We are in the Andes sking and snowboarding till it hurts. Second day(pictures and video to come). Bodies are hurting but i went down a red slope which is one step from the black(the most difficult)and scored a nice butt bruise. However, the run was successful and i snowboarded the same slope a few more times as well as attempted some jumps. Aint no thang but a chicken wing.
Regarding the music in Chile, it is abt the same as the states. The energy is lively and passionate which is expected. The folks are into hiphop,reggae,ragga,dancehall, house and reggaeton. We are superstars down here. ha. ha ha. First night in Chile, we hit a place called Jammin. Reggae\Dancehall all night. I have not seen that since the soundsystem battles in NYC. All night dancing,screaming,smoking,drinking and more. A huge warehouse turned into a credible night of sweat,sweat,new and old dancehall music from everywhere. I ended up with free shots of rum,a spliff,a 40 bottle of Escuda and a cipher which spilled to the outside. My apologies for not having a camera but those kids can spit. Boom.