Thursday, September 11, 2008


It took us 2 hrs to get to Sao Paulo and we hit the ground running. Already hit a few clubs which i referenced in my last few blogs. Yesterday, we traveled to Unique Hotel which is amazing. Spectacular is a better word. The hotel is shaped like a boat and the rooftop has a pool,restaurant,bar combination. You can see the entire city from the rooftop and the clientale is chic to get in where you fit in. Did i say that the women here are beautiful. Smoking.
We drank at the hotel for a few hours and challenged our stomach to new drinks and recipes. As we stumbled out, we taxied our asses to a club called Inferno. Not bad. Reminded me of a mid 90`s hip hop club but a little more thugged out. Djs are big into R&B rather than Hip Hop which we discovered thru a few connects. Mixing All types of R&B with some silky smooth rap verses and a little reggae made the night move in the right direction. Or at least an interesting sort of drunk stupor direction. We did not shut the club down but we bagged a few numbers, said hi to a few street walkers and jumped in a cab with a heavy set blue shirt,no hands on the wheel fun loving driver that insisted we should go to Club Vegas at that moment. I saaid i want some cold pizza and my bed. I won.

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