Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buenos Aires part 2

In Cro-Bar, i met this hot little mami that i swear looked like a girl i used to date in Germany. Being a limited spanish speaker, we had slight trouble communicating. We danced,we hugged, we kissed, we danced some more and then we kissed some more. she brought me into her world which made the night amazing. She was skinny build,long dirty blonde hair,a wife beater slight pulled up to show midrift and long legs covered in blk jeans. eyes were blues, lips were lucious and the timing was there.As she stroked my blonde tipped dreds, the Reggae music played into our heads all night. Now i have to apologize to her b/c i had to check on my friends and i told her to email me since i did not have a phone. I think we were lost in translation but still with one another in soul. I will bring a phone next time.

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