Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chile- Round 1

The crew and i are on the fourth day of Chile and loving it. We are in the Andes sking and snowboarding till it hurts. Second day(pictures and video to come). Bodies are hurting but i went down a red slope which is one step from the black(the most difficult)and scored a nice butt bruise. However, the run was successful and i snowboarded the same slope a few more times as well as attempted some jumps. Aint no thang but a chicken wing.
Regarding the music in Chile, it is abt the same as the states. The energy is lively and passionate which is expected. The folks are into hiphop,reggae,ragga,dancehall, house and reggaeton. We are superstars down here. ha. ha ha. First night in Chile, we hit a place called Jammin. Reggae\Dancehall all night. I have not seen that since the soundsystem battles in NYC. All night dancing,screaming,smoking,drinking and more. A huge warehouse turned into a credible night of sweat,sweat,new and old dancehall music from everywhere. I ended up with free shots of rum,a spliff,a 40 bottle of Escuda and a cipher which spilled to the outside. My apologies for not having a camera but those kids can spit. Boom.

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