Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sao Paulo

So after a few days in Brazil, a great shower, an overpriced hotel and some good churrascas, a friend of a friend got in touch with Fernando. Fernando is the don juan of Sao Paulo. He knows, sees and lives all. A thrid eye if you will and yes, an inspiration to true marketers,brazilians and worldly travellers. Fernando welcomed us with open arms into his apartment which he shares with his sister(who is gorgeous). He introduced us to all of his friends, took us to the best clubs, got us lifted and drunk everyday and i almost had to say i was getting too old for this shit. But I goes hard. Even when it means sleeping in a club that pounds techno and house all night. ha.
Fernando owns 3 companies. A casting, publicity and promotional company. He lives near everything and everyone. We could come and go as we pleased. Seriously this is a thank you to Fernando for the hospitality and the good in all people.

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