Monday, October 13, 2008

Larry Gill is 30!!! Aint that a Bitch

My boy Larry Gill is 30 and is living it up in Washington DC. His wife is gorgeous and his baby is really cute. I drove down to DC over the weekend(thanks to Yitz Rentals who are around the corner from me and so coool for school). I stopped in Phila to see the parents and get a glimpse of the future president(cross fingers) Obama speaking in West Phila. After completing labor for my parents as usual, I drove the PT cruiser down to DC on Saturday to my cousins place who is had a baby shower that afternoon and is abt to burst. Nov 6th is the date but she is ready to release the hounds. After an hour of reimiencing and jokes with the fam, i made my way to the main event. Just getting there is my thang. I just made it under the gun and he walked in 5 minutes after i did. He was shocked,surprised and i even saw a little tear of joy in his eye.The Dj played old and new school jams. The food was ok. The service was two times terrible but Larry was happy and that is all that matters. As i listen to a remix of Radiohead song "Reckner" by Diplo, i think back to the party and joy it brought to me. Happy B-Day Larry.

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