Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scratching game in the works

By Roman Wolfe

QD3 Entertainment is developing a new rhythm game titled "Scratch: The Ultimate DJ," in partnership with Genius Products, Genco Interactive and 7 Studios.

Like Activision’s blockbuster release Guitar Hero, "Scratch" will combine free-form DJ tricks in addition to rhythm-based game play, set in distinctive urban environments.

Gamers will also choose a diverse array of DJ personalities in an attempt to break out of the garage and into the top nightclubs featured in the game.

Scratch players will use the Scratch Deck, a realistic turn-table created by Numark, to manipulate the scratch tracks in real time.

"With the recent success of music-driven videogames and the dominance of urban culture in the youth market, the potential for Scratch is endless," said Quincy Jones III, CEO and chief creative officer of QD3 Entertainment. "Having spent 20 years as a music producer for artists such as Tupac, LL, and Ice Cube, it is rewarding to work with 7 Studios, Genius and Genco to ensure that there is authenticity in every detail of this game. "

Jones added that Scratch will feature original recordings from the catalogs of the top urban artists and those songs will be able to be remixed on the fly.

"This feature sets it apart from other music rhythm games and makes it a dream come true for both casual music fans and serious DJs/producers," added Jones.

Scratch is due in stores next spring on multiple next generation game systems.

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