Monday, February 23, 2009

11pm and i am up once agin. Time to make the DONUTS

It seems like every few days i stay a little too long working on my,music,friends,family,improv,acting,writing,film and producing both in the same...and God is in the details. Currently i am spliting my train ride between reading a book by David Sedaris and the Quran. Improvement is my course and i will not stop. I hope you do not either. I will start posting music and reviewing one song per week and later on one song a day(whichever comes first). Remember to say hi to as many people as you can and kiss a family member or someone you love at least once a month if possible. I started a food blog called My Grain of Salt. For the foodies out there, i will be posting food that i love and restaurants that i like to go to and enjoy.

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