Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Artists commisioned for Grammy's

Will.I.Am’s Peapod Foundation has commissioned several contemporary artists to create portraits of the 25 Grammy nominees being honored this week at the Grammy’s on Sunday. The portraiture will be featured in a gallery setting with a silent auction to benefit Peapod as well as the Watts Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club to support Los Angeles youths in need.

Commissioned artists and their featured portraits:
SAS CHRISTIAN – Riverview, FL (Rihanna)
LORI EARLEY – Red Bank, NJ (Madonna)
JEREMY LIPKING – Woodland Hills, CA (Snoop Dogg)
IAN JOHNSON – San Francisco, CA (Al Green)
PAUL CHATEM – Los Angeles, CA (Rick Rubin)
RON ENGLISH – Jersey City, NJ (Metallica)
GREG GOSSEL – Minneapolis, MN (Jay-Z)
HENRY LEWIS – San Francisco, CA (Nas)
SHAWN BARBER – San Francisco. CA (Shawn Barber)
TRAVIS LOUIE – Red Hook, NY (Nine Inch Nails)
MATT BONE – Los Angeles, CA (Beyonce)
JOSHUA PETKER – Los Angeles, CA (Radiohead)
VAN ARNO – Los Angeles, CA (BB King)
HEIDI TAILLEFER – Montreal, CAN (Coldplay)
KRIS LEWIS – Los Angeles, CA (Beck)
MIKE MAXWELL – San Deigo, CA (Bruce Springstein)
GARY BASEMAN & NABIL ELDERKIN – Los Angeles, CA (Kanye West)
CHRIS PUGLIESE – Hoboken, NJ (The Eagles)
HELEN GARBER – Los Angeles, CA (
SAUL ARMAS – Los Angeles, CA (Lil’ Wayne)
TRAE KING – Los Angeles, CA (Duffy)

Pacific Electric Lofts
610 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 590–0755 (t)
(213) 627–5601 (f)

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