Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Political Attiude

Some people think rappers are not thinkers. Some are not sure why people are rapping. They just do not get it. More people need to listen to what these guys and girls are saying and then think about WHY they are saying these things. Some rappers decide that this art is their way out of a bad financial situation even though for the most part that is not true. Some feel rap is therapy. Others feel like rapping is their job and the only way out especially if they have a criminally background and cannot get a regular job like the most of us. Whatever the case, rappers rap about what they see, what they feel and how other people live their lives. I am only listing what some rappers do. There are many people who go beyond what i am even saying. I say search for those rappers that relate to how you are and what you do or where you would like for them to go. Recognize and realize.

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