Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brik Mason diary (DJ/Rapper/Producer/Actor)..july 15 2009

Lets talk about Beef. There is a series that has been out for the last 5 or 6 years regarding Beef in the rap industry. Now as an avid Hip Hop fan, i know what Beef is, I heard Biggie rhyme about it and Mos Def change the meaning of what Beef in the span of a few years. I transplanted from a city with the best CheeseSteak on earth. So i know what Beef is. Basically, two crews or rappers or rapper's crews say a few words about another crew and a retaliation is mad(hopefully through words) and so on. Type in Joe Buddens. His Beef is elevating everyday with every rapper. Slaughterhouse. I can't wait. Anyhow, Beef makes it interesting. Beef is like a big ole wrestling match except i can relate to most of the rappers. Well, i do wear tights once in a while. But i wonder, what about rock n roll beef? What about Indie Rock beef? What about dance music beef? I mean i want to see Grizzly Bear say some shit about Silversun Pickups. gimme a battle. Gimme a line. i get it. It is about the music but lets add some drama.

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