Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brik Mason Diary pages........July 7th, 2009

So my entry today belongs to the moments of the screaming in the rap videos. What i really mean is when someone in music comes up with a distinct laugh or scream or movement. It always draws me in. Even when i think the artist sucks, i always want to listen just a bit to hear their story. For me, that does not always transfer into sales for them. For instance, OJ da Juiceman. Trap or Die at its best. Maybe at its worst all at the same time. He has a little "eehhh" that he uses for his adlib. Just draws me in. Maybe i am just special. BTW, big up to US Futbol. Nothing more than that on the radar tonight. Will be heading to the Beer Garden this weekend, BK movie fest, TJ and Dave and a few lounges. Rocking out with Crooked Disco on Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge. Big Up.

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