Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brik Mason Diary(DJ/Rapper/Producer/Actor)

First of all, Happy Birthday to Mike Washington. Sorry i missed the party. Lets talk NY Minute right now. Things happen very fast in the city of Big Juicy Apple. For instance, my boys planning a party for MDW in Bmore. New York Minute. NY execs turing to Junkies. N.O.R.E. losing weight and spitting cocaine rhymes. I mean i could go to a lounge with brazilan babies at one club and later that night end up at a loft chocolate wrestling party. I could grab an improv show and then be in a movie scene with some guy from the wire. NY Minute. Enjoy it. Check out the remix to French Montana's song NY Minute. He says what he says, he is who he is.

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