Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brik Mason Diary(Dj/Rapper/Producer/Actor)...July 14, 2009

On a selfish note, i need to see more improv shows.

Definition: Respiration; the act of inhaling and exhaling air.

On the another note, this guy is learning about breathing. Now, I just learned from a few runners out there that you should breathe through the nose when running and close your mouth. Meaning inhale and exhale through the nose. It will help with opening up your lungs and lead to better stamina and overall breath control. Now I need to know if this is true. I feel like it is true and i may have to test the theory myself. I am sure singers have known this since the beginning of time. Even when i get too excited, i forget to breath which makes me feel like a man child who is not in control of mouth. I am a big child. Ask my co-workers and my ex-girlfriend. Breathing is essential to letting the right or wrong notes out of your mouth. A singer told me if i sing with tension, it will sound like a mashed cat no matter if you are a struggling singer on Broadway(Rock of Ages) or Pavorotti(RIP) at the MET. Speaking of the Mets, you are in 4th place right now. Lets really call it quits if you are not going to try. Anyhow, remember to breath.

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