Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brik Mason Diary...July 11 2008

i forgot that one of the great Damon Wayons movies ever was The Last Boy Scout. Of course, Bruce Willis made a great assist on this one. Naw, he carried the movie. Seriously this is one of the best new Bad Good movies of all time and i forgot it was directed by Tony Scott.(thinking about an Eminem track with Royce the 5"9 called Bad Meets Evil) You know, the guy from Man on Fire fame. Anyhow, this is a great movie to watch after cleaning the crib and a drunken stupor last night with a few friends over at Studio Square Beer garden. Studio Square is in Queens and his bumping like i have never seen it. Only open three months and i am sure it is racking in the doe(cash only). Rappers drop the club idea and build a beer garden fo sure. So i am sitting with my boy John P aka the birthday boy and lay back in the essence of Beer and lovelys. An SG girl was there to represent and she gave me some good hair advice. new color scheme coming soon. BTW, Beer gardens need DJs. Push for it. Check out Tracksuit Mafia at the PIT late night. Peace out. Damn, it is laundry time. and Boom goes the dynamite.

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