Monday, July 20, 2009

Brik Mason(Dj/Rapper/Producer/Actor)

What is the matter with your life, did he put your million dollar check in someone's elses mailbox. Thats Poplife. Many circumstances encompass POP Life. You can relate the life of guns to pop life. The life of many rappers deal with pop life. Mr. Pacman deals with POP life. Britney, Madonna, and the Jackson deal and dealt with POp Life. We all need a space to fill and a space for thrills. How much can thrills be apart of your life. I say live the madness of life to the fullest but for some that means to be careful in every moment. Hmmm. Currently i am reading THE WATCHMAN and i know the story but it is still intriguing. The graphics are incredibly but i have to say Hollywood did a pretty good job with capturing the outfits and the craziness of their world. The movie was a tad bit long and like most movies, a few items were left out. Maybe the gruesome reality was all the film makers cared to capture. Not sure. Ok, that is enough for now. My brain is on pause due to my new hairdo. HA. Check out Ras Kass new song over at

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