Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brik Mason(Dj/Rapper/Producer/Actor)...July 19, 2009

So i am recovering from a great house/rooftop party last night. It was nice to get out in the city and smelling the air of a lovely day. A lovely day it was. Costumes representing the roaring 20's came into effect but for the most part, people just rolled through in their plain gear. The Dj spun a great mix of Fela/Jazz/Funk Fusion with some Madlib and 360 remixes to round out the the night. Although a small percentage of the people were really jamming to the beats, the night still rocked. Some people still go to parties to talk to their own social circles which i find interesting since meeting new people is usually one of the many avenues to approach at a party. But big up to Jim. Solid party. Thanks for the free booze.

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