Monday, July 27, 2009

Brik Mason(Dj/Rapper/Producer/Actor).July 27th, 2009

The Diddy machine works in full force. We are mad. We hate. We still watch as he makes his chess moves. We get mad again. And cry. Sometimes it is heartfelt to see Diddy in a movie that Halle Berry won a Best Actress Award for in the land of all lands. Then i think of the numerous amount of moguls out there who are just like Diddy and who came before Diddy. Quincy Jones. Russell Simmons. Richard Branson. Should we shout out the differences. We know the challenges those guys faced. Racism. Punks. Queens. Money issues. Ballon Crashes. This will never sell issues.
We love those guys because they overcame and push the limits and allowed us to experience what many now call music(it saved some lives..ask Raekwon) and what many rejected as nonsense. I am not saying i am on Diddy's side. Because as my friends said while we sitting a room licking ice cream and drinking some good Chilean wine, what has Diddy done lately for music. Not much. Check out Red Cafe. New York rapper. Put in the years, made the connects, waited his time like a good little rapper. Now he releases himself into the wild. oh yeah.......he is signed to Bad Boy Records. Sorry.

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