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Throwback Thursday: Call of Duty 4

1711999114_09e874cd74_m Insight, Ideas, Impact... those are the steps we take to achieve successful marketing campaigns. As always, I have proof. Check out what we did with Activision for the release of Call of Duty 4. Again, most agencies talk a good game about experiential marketing. Here's how The Reason makes it happen.


The Call of Duty franchise already had a loyal, captive following - the hard-core gamer. As always, the key for the Reason was to identify the most relevant rituals where we could add value. We decided to target key rituals for these gamers -- frequent visits to onine gaming communities and local GameStop stores.


The goal was simple -- elevate game to "must have" status. Based on Insight, we produced and managed 10 simultaneous events at GameStop locations in top 10 U.S. markets. These high impact events provided customers an exclusive opportunity to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare single-player before it was released to the public.

Here's a granular look at what we did:

* Campaign Theme. Created unifying tagline "The Evolution is Here" to anchor the entire campaign across all mediums.
* Digital Promotions. Developed online messaging to virally promote events via message boards and blogs
* Point of Sales. Created in-store promotional signage and event invitations which were distributed at retail
* Guerilla Marketing. Wild postings and hand-to-hand distribution of event invites


Events received media coverage by G4-TV, Ain’t It Cool News, Weekend Distractions, Media Geeks, and GameStop TV. Oh by the way, COD4 also went on to become the best first person shooter game of all time. Doesn't get more "must have" than that. Those guys created a great game and I'm glad we could create memorable experiences for gamers across the country.

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