Monday, July 6, 2009

Hip hop is lyrical, you just have to listen

Despite all the hoopla around the crap that is on the radio, there are cats out here doing the "real" hip hop that people know and love. And yes, some of them are lyrical. We have the new school and the old school. The fresh styles are coming back which is blinding out the black t-shirts of the past. I guess the complaining has helped. Check out the music of Slaughterhouse, Mickey Factz, Brik Mason, Fresh Daily, Ced Hughes and Asher Roth to name a few. I have bumped the Drake mixtape for a minute and the buzz is warranted. Hope he does not lose the magic. Btw, Malik Yoba is on Miami:CSI. Oh you sly guys, NY:Undercover needs to come back.

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