Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is old but my boy knows the reason....keep it rocking

Honda Rhymes and Reasons

Rhymes and Reasons I penned today's post for YPulse.com Follow the link for the entire post.

Is Hip Hop dead? Nas thinks so, Honda doesn’t. Which is why Honda has set its sights on the trendsetting urban crowd. And to close in on this target, Honda recently launched a Hip Hop inspired campaign “Rhymes and Reasons” featuring a 30-second TV ad designed to drive traffic to a branded microsite where underground artist, Mickey Factz and his co-host, DJ Gomez Warren IV discuss taking control of your finances.

My first thought… Mickey Factz seems like a good choice. He’s definitely niche, but he’s relevant to this target audience. He has a day job and a side hustle. In essence, he represents the hard-to-reach guy Honda’s mainstream marketing doesn’t traditionally reach. My next thoughts require a little Reasoning... check for them after the jump.

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