Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rik Cordero is the shit

So i am watching a Slaughterhouse video called the ONE directed by Rik Cordero. I am thinking going to see a movie later as well. Blah. I want to know how Rik is doing this. Naturally, he is putting in work like a madman and a true entrepreneur. I noticed his work for the first time when he landed a video for The Roots a few years back(before Late Night grabbed them). Somehow he was always directing/producing videos that were less than a million dollars but still making it work on a larger level. Also, he choose songs that normally were not used for videos. Wait, it is or is not about hits? Also, the musical artist can put more videos out usually directed by RIK. Spread the brand name. I want to know how he did it? The backstory. I would like to interview this guy for real. oh yeah. Mad Decent needs to sign Brik Mason.

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