Friday, October 9, 2009

Canal Room

so I played this gig in NYC at the Canal Room a few days ago from 7pm-10pm. The setup was smooth(that never happens) and i used the turntables for the first time in a year or so(mostly using serato with cds). The crowd was cool calm and collect. I released the utmost jams of 80's and into 2009 which the crowd seem to like but it was a charity gig at happy hour. So mostly drinks and talking commenced throughout. I loved it. I sweated like a pig just to get the juices flowing and remind myself that i can rock if i want to. The night was capped with an hour of dancing and running through 90's hip hop and R&B. Go figure. I loved it and will keep rocking to the wee hours. Oh, check out future bashment mixes, Hip Hop Mixes and more. On my grind. BTW. Mad Decent sign Brik Mason.

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