Monday, October 26, 2009


98. Tocadisco
Style: House and techno
Known for: My versatility
Tune of 2008: Tocadisco 'Morumbi (Original and Popof Remix)' (Superstar Recordings)
Producer of 2008: Popof - he really did a great job this year.
First record you ever bought?Mano Negra 'Putas Fever' Weirdest thing you've seen all year? Being verbally and physically attacked by the audience at Creamfields Festival for not playing hits. Top gadget of 2008? iPhone 3G Most important thing you've learned this year? Take your time.
Music from Tocadisco

With remixes for everyone from Slam to Booka Shade to his credit, German DJ/producer Roman Boer, aka Tocadisco, obviously felt that the time was right to focus on his own productions again.

At the start of 2008, he released his long-awaited debut album, 'Solo', on Superstar Recordings, which won acclaim across the board.

However, Boer didn't intend to lose sight of the dancefloor: he originally made his name as a house DJ during the '90s and this year saw him release the 'Black Series' records, raw underground house tracks that re-connected to his roots.

Boer was also in action every weekend, playing clubs and festivals across Europe. He's been a regular guest at David Guetta's Fuck Me I'm Famous parties and at Sven Vath's Cocoon club.

"It's been a great year and the summer season was the craziest ever," he remarks.

He also feels that technology is driving changes in his music production - but that his low attention span also plays a factor.

"I'm still learn something new in the studio every day, but I'm always changing because I get bored very easily," he says.

True to form, Tocadisco is assuming a different role over the coming months: he has remixed the new Moby single, has a version of 'Sunglasses at Night' on the re-issue of Tiga's take on the '80s classic and is doing a version of Bob Sinclar's 'Ich Rocke'.

"After that I will take a nice, relaxing holiday and then I will start work on my next album," he says.

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