Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Over at DJ Magazine, the labeled the top 100 djs in the world. Here is 100...

100. Alex Morph & Woody Van Eyden
Style: Trance and Double E² (Energetic Electronic)
Known for: A: Wearing mesh trucker caps. W: Nose scratching!
Tune of 2008: Oceanlab 'Miracle' (Anjunabeats)
Producer of 2008: Benno de Goeij
First record you ever bought?A: Westbam 'And Party' W: Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5 'ABC' Weirdest thing you've seen all year? We went to a fish-spa in Malaysia where you put your feet in a water basin and fish softly eat your skin. The bigger the fish the more scary it got! Top gadget of 2008? Some underwater-like blue lights in the studio. It gives an amazing effect! Most important thing you've learned this year? Do not travel on an intercontinental flight after you've had Indonesian rijstafel!
Music from Alex Morph & Woody Van Eyden

As separate DJs, Alex & Woody have been hovering in sight of the Top 100 for several years now. But it's their 'combined forces' approach over the last 12 months that has finally tipped the scales, pushing the pair inside the all-important countdown.

"We've been mates for over 16 years now and we've worked together on productions for 13 years," says Woody. "The DJing partnership started one night at The Honeyclub where we did an unplanned back-to-back set. It worked out great so we decided to push forward with our back-to-back format after that… and here we are!"

Their collective endeavors have clearly made a large impact with fans and promoters alike. It's a pairing that's seen them rock an impressive amount of festivals over the last12 months.

"We've done Gatecrasher's Summer Sound System, Coloursfest, Planet Love, Nature One, Intuition Summer Festival and over 50 club gigs, including Judgement Sundays," says Alex.

"Don't forget Love Parade," chips in Woody, "with 1.6 million people… that got a little bit stressful!"

Elsewhere the pair have found the time to notch up ten collaborative productions this year, while staying on top of their weekly Heaven's Gate radio show.

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