Friday, November 6, 2009

Benny B says

What's Up?

Tonight I am DJing at Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg for the "First Fridays" party. I DJ at this spot every Wednesday so I look forward to this monthly party when it's a little more packed and more of a party atmosphere. If you haven't been to Huckleberry Bar yet, they opened over a year ago, and earned the "Best New Bar" award by Timeout NY magazine. And that was for all five boroughs including Manhattan. They are well known for their finely crafted cocktails, gourmet small plates and spacious outdoor patio. It's also a nice escape from a lot of the other bars in Williamsburg. It's a little more mature and classy than the rest so come party with me tonight.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) I am DJing at Firefly in Soho. This place is not as busy as it once was and may be spiraling into oblivion. It was dead on Halloween and I was feeling low.. The good news is I've been playing good quality music there for a couple weeks now. If the room isn't at least half full, I am taking over...

On Saturday the 21st I'll be DJing with Eleven at Savalas so I'm looking forward to that. I also have a new weekly in the works and that is looking lovely as well. It's AG (All Good)!!!

Congratulations Yankees!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to collaborate or knows of a place looking for a DJ, let me know (The first rule of salesmanship is ask for the job)

Benny B

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