Sunday, November 15, 2009

mr 68 is a worker..

68. Boys Noize
Style: Techno and house.
Best known for: Boys Noize Records, tracks on Gigolo and Turbo.
Gig of 2009: Rockwerchter Festival in Belgium.
Tune of 2009: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize 'Waves' (Boys Noize Records).
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: Djedjotronic
The track that changed your life: Thomas Bangalter's 'Trax On The Rocks Pt.1'
What makes a good DJ great: Teaching people and surprising them is so important.
Most underrated DJ: Housemeister
Biggest challenge this year: It's always a challenge to surprise myself with new tracks and do something innovative.
Top tech toy: Roland TR 727

Such is the diligence Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, puts into his work, he decided this year was the year to give up the remix.

"I put so much energy inside, and so much music, I end up changing the track, and writing a lot, and then sometimes the remix gets bigger than the original," says Ridha.

So while we lament his re-rubs of Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Tiga and Justice, we can be heartened by the fact that now he's freed up a bit of time, he can spend it more wisely.

"Already I've been working in the studio producing for Black Eyed Peas, Kelis, Kano. Erol Alkan too, we wrote a lot of tracks. But the most beautiful thing happening right now in my music for me is producing the Gonzales album. It's like black and white coming together."

Not that this should detract from his own album, his second 'Power', out last month. Now among the most feted of the DJs and producers to emerge from the fusion of the techno, electro and house music scenes, Alex Ridha is in seriously hot demand. Just don't ask him for a remix.

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