Sunday, November 8, 2009

mr.85....this list changes every week

86. Tiga
Style: Techno, house, electro, clash.
Best known for: Being a techno God and poster boy of the electroclash generation.
Gig of 2009: Melt! festival in Berlin. It was just one of those gigs where everything came together.
Tune of 2009: Mr Oizo's remix of 'Shoes'. A remix of my track, by one of my all-time heroes.
Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009: Seth Troxler. He's an excellent DJ and a real personality.
The track that changed your life: Altern-8 '202' - that actually changed my life.
What makes a good DJ great: Confidence. It's about not listening to convention -being your own person.
Most underrated DJ: I used to like this Swiss DJ called Crowdpleaser, he's underrated.
Biggest challenge this year: Staying sane while playing what seemed like a never-ending run of festivals.
Top tech toy: There were no technological advances in my life this year. I want that put on record.

Tiga is one of those DJs and producers who simply can't stand still. Forever searching for that next musical thrill, Tiga views 2009 as the start of something big for this unwieldy beast we know and love as dance music.

"Last year I felt as though I was at the tail-end of something," he explains. "But this year has been exciting."

Not only did one of the coolest characters in dance music release his second album, the excellent 'Ciao!' in 2009, but as a keen student of music's ever-changing trends he felt he recognized something new this year.

"I've always felt that things go in four or five-year cycles and I think we're at ground zero again. I feel free to go in any direction and that, as an artist, is very liberating and the ideal state of affairs. I feel excited by dance music. I think 2010 will be a big year."

To that end, the Montreal-based hipster is looking to release another solo album and lots of club tracks, as well as continue to unleash the best in techno and electro from his Turbo imprint.

"I'm happy that dance music is still my first love," he pleasingly concludes.

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