Thursday, December 23, 2010

Btw reviving mc swol in the new year. If I can get rated r and unorthodox back on the mic, its a killa season. Any new rappers welcome
Ok so my girl and I came up with the idea of throwing an all r and b party. Mostly 80s. Start off small. Lounge stuff. House parties and then move to biigger and better things if and when the party gets large enough. Have soapbox in the middle of the parties. The music ranges. Think chromeo meets billy ocean meets keith sweat.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jim Jones Kills

I just peeped a Jim Jones video over on It was a really good song, a pretty good video. Although Mr Jones sticks to the format(gangsta and trash bags), the vibe of the song works. It feels very down south smooth summertime yet still grimey and dirty like New York. Jim knows how to hit homeruns. Just ask Max B. Dipset is on the rise.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Told my mom about you. She was excited. Shehas the starndard questions..what is she like, where is she from, where did u meet? I answered every question with awesome

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just had a sweet breakfast

Just had a sweet breakfast at bar toto with girlfriend. So good. David was right. French toast soo good

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrap Party December 16th Stamford CT

ok. wow. After all the running around, the last minute details getting turned inside and out, the party starting earlier than stated(very usual in the music and film business), the party was a success. The drinking and food were served immediately, the sound system was incredible and the people that assisted in the setup were fantastic. I guess you get what you pay for. That's the truth. Highlights of the evening: Craig Robinson drinking a beer and being the first person on the dance floor, DJ Brik Mason, Craig Robinson on the keys playing a Christmas song with an opera singer who blew me and everyone else out the water. More highlights included Craig Robinson leading a soul train line, the electric slide to a Michael Jackson song..any song will do...and Craig Robinson giving me a pound and saying you know what the fuck your doing so i have no suggestions just keep rocking it. Paraphrased but still true. By the way, the company gave me hotel room for the night, and paid for my travel. Oh, thats how it supposed to go, wow, i love this job. Pictures after the jump.

PS The same Craig Robinson from the office and hot tub time machine. Hell yeah.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I feel good. Damn ggoood.

I feel good. Damn ggoood. A little worn from the day but I am abt to do what I love and that feels fantastic
It feels good to be back in the mix. I downloaded the dirty dancing soundtrack. Still cheesy but so are the black eyed peas. Pass the peas sucker

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On my to the train. Brooklyn traffic is a bitch. Heading thru battery tunnel. Got changed, swiitched my stuff in fifteen minutes that might be a record

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Wrap party December 16th We the Peoples

I am super duper excited about tonight. So far, a few mishaps. They need more equipment than they stated. Surprise since i am spinning at a hotel. Very odd. I have to run back home from work and get my stuff, change, get to Grand Central Station which will get me to Stamford, CT right in time for the party. Quick setup. Under pressure. Love it or leave it alone. I need to rock it hard. I will.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some just finished some football and the song that motivated me was black and yellow. My team won with a great comeback and a michael vick type of performance. I am boasting a little. It feels nice. But I digress. A friend of mine gave me a rough mix of a song he has worked on for the last few months. More to come after the jump

Friday, December 10, 2010



Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow [Official Music Video]

So it has been a minute but you know, getting the paperwork right. Anyhow, my friend Ms Waxman was wearing a Steelers jersey today and i thought..way to bring back 1993. Then she started singing this chorus and i was like oh shit. Whoaaaa, the song is huge. But the public knew it already. AOL radio has the song above part of their TOP 40. I mean i am from the state of Pennslyvania...I am from Phila really..and there is a difference. Ask me about it later. However, the simple rhymes with a fresh dope as techno wavy beat works. It has worked for Wiz int he past but only Pittsburgh listened. Now, the public wants more.

PS I rode in a Black challenger a few weeks and bumped this song about twenty times as i cruised on the NJ turnpike. What!! I do it big.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Supporting Comics in NYC

Supporting Comics in NYC.


SNC: PRIDE! Benefit for SAGE
This event is planned to start at 9:30 pm on Jun 13, 2010 at The Tank @ The 45th Street Theater.

Hey folks,
Got plans for Sunday, June 13th? Now you do! SNC is putting on an all LGBT show with an amazing cast and a raffle fundraiser to benefit the SAGE organization, which offers support and services to LGBT seniors.
Prizes include a pass for 4 to Comix, one year free rental at Manhattan Mini Storage, gift certificates to Starbucks, etc...
Tickets are $5 online and $10 at the door. Tickets are going fast! Raffle tickets are $2 at the door. The show is at 9:30 p.m.
Come celebrate LGBT PRIDE MONTH with some of NY's greatest comics and help support a great cause!
Thanks Evan.

Brik Mason
Contact Info:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am spinning at this party in a few weeks. June 5th to be exact. It is for a good cause. Here is the link for the event...

It is $45 for my guests. Thanks again.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The great thing about being a dj now a days is access. The access to music is ...well it is something to brag about. Funkmaster Flex throws out random numbers on his show like 1.5 million and you think he speaks volumes about his interviewees albums. Actually, he is quoting the amount of songs on his itunes. He is large and in charge and a force to be reckoned with in the city of nyc. Legendary in fact but enough about him. I came home around 1am last night, sit in the living room, smoke one with my room mate and hit the sheets. I dream about liquor, boobs, sex and the fact that i need to put more cool ass events on in the city and start becoming a movie producer for reels. Wait, was it a dream, i used to read source magazine, Biggie Smalls up in the limo......zzzzzzz

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Omar is awesome

by Black Bubblegum

Omar Lopez

The world's worst named band with the most interesting lineup have announced the release of the first in a trio of albums, Cryptomnesia, due on May 5th. El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez (for the spanish-challenged, that's The New Group of ORL) is the melding of Omar Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In), Zach Hill (Hella), Jonathan Hischke (ex-Hella), Juan Alderete de la Peña (The Mars Volta), and "features the vocals of guest frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala (The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In) on eight of the album's eleven tracks". OK, can it get any more spazzy? Sounds pretty wild, and judging by the tracks in the below video, it just may be.

Though the first album was completed shortly after The Mars Volta's Amputechture in 2006, it wasn't until last year that Mr. Random Word Generator, aka Cedric Bixler Zavala, added his vocals to the mix. No word on personnel, or release date for the additional two records.

In addition to the May 5th release, " A special limited advance vinyl offering of... 3,000 copies will be made available... to Indie Retail in honor of RECORD STORE DAY on April 18th."

Cryptomnesia is the first release on Rodriguez Lopez Productions, the new imprint formed by... guess who? ORL's last record, Old Money, was released by hip hop indie superpower Stones Throw digitally in 2008, and in hard form on Jan 27th 2009.

The Cryptomnesia tracklisting, cover art, video, and all tour dates, below...


Cryptomnesia Album Art
Omar Lopez

Cryptomnesia Tracklist

Mar 9 - Vera - Gronigne, NL
Mar 10 -Botanique - Brussels, BE
Mar 11 - London - TBA
Mar 12 - Point FMR - Paris, FR
Mar 13 - Fri-Son -Fribourg, SW
Mar 14 - TBA
Mar 15 - Festsaal Kreuzberg - Berlin, GE
Mar 16 - Ubel und Gefahrlich - Hamburg, GE
Mar 17 - Gebaude 9 - Cologne, GE
Mar 18 - Melkweg -Amsterdam, NL
Mar 20 - Cisterna Hall Club - Moscow, RU

Friday, March 12, 2010

I go goo goo for ga ga and i am looking for an upgrade

I like U2(sometimes)

3D U2 movie screenings @ Brooklyn Bowl on St. Patrick's Day


Brooklyn Bowl continues to twist typical concert venue conventions, offering a screening of U2 3D (the first ever live-action digital 3D film, originally released in 2008) on St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday, March 17th at four screenings - 5PM, 7:30PM, 10PM and midnight.

Doors will open at 3PM. Admission is free. 3D glasses will be priced at $5. Bowling will be free throughout the day starting at 3PM. Minimum four people per lane in two-hour blocks. - Brooklyn Bowl

Monday, March 8, 2010

Listening to STS aka sugar tongue slim

After recovering from a night where i could not watch the Oscars but guessed right regarding the rewards, i am packing a full mind clip and ready to rumble with some sugar tongue slim in my system. Not bad i say. The song i peeped the most sampled LA Roux and is so addictive, i see why he is in demand. I posted the song about a week back and i use it to pump my mornings back in nyc. Yeah.... I am back. Watch out. Going strong. I recovered from a friday night of drinking and laying on my bed wondering why i drank so much. The artist known as Sugar Tongue Slim now called STS is part of the new group Black Thought put together and has already released two mixtapes that i know about. Ha.

BTW Mad Decent sign Brik Mason.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Say HI to CYHI da Prince

I have been peeping this dude, CYhi for a minute. He has a great song called Sweet Georgia that shows both his vulnerability, his knowledge and his lasting impression of the city he resides. Shoot, he is lyrical. According to the illdoctrine, that is how you get your respect. Well, i respect him. Now i have to go practice my fake dance moves and get ready for ABDC.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain

The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain’s “Mack a Bitch” Video

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Jay Z said

We need to consider the fact that rap is not just for the youth culture. WE(blunt toting, beer guzzling, writers and creative types of this world) need to make rap/hip hop into what Rock has become or what U2 has allowed it become. Hmmm.. Thoughts. My head hurts and i have to shovel snow. Suckers.

PS Sign Brik Mason


What a year so far. The snow sprinkles the earth this morning as many truffle their way through the city to work or to another love one. Kept myself sober in order to deal with this snow. ha. But landed a plethra of chinese food in my mouth last night and listened to Pill. Pill is an emcee, the mc, a rapper and all around lyrical patron from ATL. One of the favorites this year according to XXL. I am rooting for him. Unlike some of his brethen of lyrical madness, you do not feel exhausted by his words. You want more and that is rare in this lifetime. I need to shave but the snow is making me grizzly. Like a bear through the hour glass, these are the days of my lives. Pass the bourban and sign brik mason.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A slacker on a mission

One of my fav shows on tv is BIG Bang Theory and i am scientific inclined to run a rat tat tat on every emcee and dj that i see. Bobby Ray has shown me the light, Dunn has added to the mess and Andre 3 stacks blasted the door open. I am a mix. A purpose, A mission. I realized i have many missions in life and they all need to be accomplished at a certain time in my life. Boom.

BTW Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason.


After surfacing from a a barrage of chinese food last night and enjoying THe Big Fan with Patton Oswalt and some strippers, i woke up to the sounds of Bobby Ray. He really can do it all. And it works. Its nice to hear a little versatility in the mix of all the hardcore. He just represents himnself without flying too high. Congrats on the mixtape and the hit ......which is an awesome song. See you at the top. Now back to my bourbon sunday. Oh, the slam dunk contest sucked last night and i am pissed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anticipation for the NEW B.O.B

Most people have not noticed that this dude has a hit on the radio. Out of left field but with the right swing, B.O.B. is slowing climbing into the conscious of listeners. After sipping on some bourbon and getting a phone number, i heard his single once again on the radio. Then i realized i did not know the name of the single but i knew the artist. Pissed to say the least. Rushed home and slammmed by ass into bed but thought about the song all night. He has a mixtape over at and many other blogs. I just wanted to write about his brilliance. Thank you B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray for taking me on a journey through the stars. I will see you at the top.

btw, I hear Def Jux is losing EL-P. They should still sign Brik Mason.

Monday, January 25, 2010

DiGiorno Delivery from The Midnight Show and Paul Scheer - Video

DiGiorno Delivery from The Midnight Show and Paul Scheer - Video

I am not sure about this one. You choose.

Drake-Killer featuring Nipsey Hussle

I enjoyed the vibe of the song and the beat is on the heels of dangerous minds. However the clever part of putting whoever these actors are as rappers was not successful. In my mind, the visuals were planted in moments of heaven and hell where i want to see Drake play what he speaks especially since he is actually an actor. Therefore, i am smash these video to pieces like mices. Say it don't spray it. Ok, i need to watch 2012 and Precious and Crazy Heart this week to bring me back to reality. KILLLLERRR.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yela to the bone

after a few days on set doing some featured work for a movie called Affirmative Act and listening to some remixes on Palmsout, i travel over to onsmash to see my main man yelawolf released a video for one of my fav songs on his latest mixtape. I need some henni to stay in the mood on this one. It is a nice visual for the song but the song is so good, he does not really need a video. I think they could have done better. Remember, yelawolf, we are watching for the liftoff season.

Mr Tactic does it again

Datura Records just released a new single from one of our favorite rappers in Kansas City, MO. Louis Rip is the artist and we were invited to submit a remix. We think it turned out pretty well and thought it would be something you might enjoy. We threw a bit of a hip house flip on it with some Buraka Som Sistema type drums and the mix has been getting a great response here in KC and those we've shared it with so far.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

That New MIA Track is Actually a Protest Song Called

That New MIA Track is Actually a Protest Song Called “Space Odyssey”

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I like having fun as well. Apparently lil jon is back. Crunk Rock coming soon. I am not sure i am ready for another round of ...shots shots shots.

What did he say?

Feels like an operator day. That means i operate the mind and matter in all senses. No really, it is funny chilling at home for a minute in the city of brotherly love. I have only been to a few spots recently. Just to get the vibe of what is rocking. Things change as things stay the same. Consistency can be good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rich Boy – Go Crazy (feat. Yelawolf)

Rich Boy – Go Crazy (feat. Yelawolf)

I guess i am just into my alabama brothers and sisters. They are connecting and coming hard on this track. Sometimes it takes hard work and dreams. btw Mad decent should sign Brik Mason

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I really like the moves that Ski beatz is making. Videos and Music are so simple. I do not mean simplistic like easy to do but more on some KISS statement with some cool kids on the side. Why not? Plus i love popcorn. I hate movie popcorn, but love james brown and The Roots popcorn. Remember? Well, after eating a pear and doing some house work, i am putting some butter in my life. Get resident and smile.

btw Mad decent should sign Brik Mason. see ya at the studio.

Friday, January 8, 2010

We still love MJ

I think this is his best song. No bs right now. Some might think i am dickin right now but that is not true. It is pure motivation. Soon to be me. ha. Working harder than a vice grip in a carpenters warehouse. Line it up. Phila likes to hate but maybe if we support then we rise. I had a friend tell me phila people tend to think they are losers so when they rise and overcome, the feeling is better. Change comes slow but lets step on the accelerator. '

Btw Mad decent should sign Brik Mason

Marketing Strategy

So i am sitting here watching an Animal Collective video and sayinggggg.....these guys are weird but right up my alley. But has the new weird become the new mainstream?

btw mad decent should sign brik mason

Video: Lil B,

Video: Lil B, “Myspace”

Posted using ShareThis Daily News - : Promoter Accused Of Scamming $25 Mil Using Fake Concerts Daily News - : Promoter Accused Of Scamming $25 Mil Using Fake Concerts

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Yelawolf – Deer Mama

Yelawolf – Deer Mama

As you know, i like the flow, delivery and overall look of this dude. I just listened to the latest Trunk Muzik mixtape at least twice at home while smoking on some homegrown and a few times in my mama's ride while on my way to a session. This song does not hit me where it should(in the chest) but it still murders it with his overall cat billy status. Imagine this as a prelude to what he can really do since it sounds like he is on a little toilet bowl roll right now.

btw Sign Brik Mason.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I love this beat....Meek Mills

Now this is a beat i could mess with and it seems like Meek Mills loves this beat. He is a prolific lyrical radical but sometimes he is not riding the beat as well as he could. Energy is back and expected. He sounds like a skinny unaffiliated onyx member from the first onyx group. After chomping down my egg sandwich of the day with a little tablo on the side, Meek brings the heat like he should. Sometimes he does not need a beat but that may or may not be a good thing. Time will tell.

Check the roots of the Clipse

btw, Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Self Scientific – Designer Clothes

Self Scientific – Designer Clothes

Joe buddens has always been one of my favorties and he almost never disappoints. He goes off about his old beefs and ex girlfriend on this song. spit hot fire. Opens up emotionally and lives life. It is nice to see cats have expressions and statements and live life. Personally, an opinion is needed in the rap game and not just about how many clubs have bitches they can pour champagne over. Although, if she is a b..tch, then she may deserve. Love it or leave it alone.

btw, Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fashion Shows:

Fashion Shows:

This is an interesting tidbit/highlight of this brand. I would love to go back and check out their older stuff just to see how far they have come. It does not seem that adventurous or pushing the limits in any way. But they are up and coming, so check it out.

Cool Kids say Swish

I like these cats even tho some of their songs make me fall asleep. Not always their fault since i think they intend for you to rock back and forth and fall out in a good way. Listen to the bounce and the bassline. This is the free throw track which every high school baller needs to listen to and memorize. Fuck it, just make your free throws.

btw mad decent should sign Brik Mason. Make moves in 2010. Project after Project.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Early morning wake up call. I am going to listen to J.Cole today. I swear. A few of my good friends kept saying how nice this dude was before the whole Jay-Z Blueprint 3 move. So i am going back this morning to peep the scene on this fellow. That reminds me, big up ti RUVILLA yesterday. They organized a outstanding day of high school basketball where there was at least two game winning shots and one blowout. A performance by Meek Mills(a hit single in Philly,management by Charlie Mack(will smith mgmt)but needed a little more energy for someone so new to the game), and The NEW BOYZ(i am jerk sometimes but the ladies like it..i think) took the night to a new level(at least for the girls it did). I have to mention that i felt a little perturbed towards Meek Mills because i kept saying to myself and friends How come only a few artists that i can name on one finger reach beyond Philly? Then i peeped Meek Mills performance and this is what i saw...A man who has a hit, a great intro into the performance where he proceeded to walk out like he has ten hits. His hypemen did the same thing. Excuse me guys, your job is to get the crowd hype, nothing more, nothing less. Where is the danger in the performance?, the jumping into the crowds, the feeling that something huge is about to occur. It is cute to bring your little brother or son onto the court but even that was bit much. Now i will say the sound system was a little croggy to the ears but that would not stop an artist. I have heard his mixtapes and they way the ladies knew his lyrics, the potential for greatness is there. But what are you so calm about? Step your game and i will make sure i step up mine. Now back to your regular scheduled program.

PS. Make your free throws. If you can score 30 in a game without a freethrow, then add at least 10 points to your total. oh, Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brick Bandits

When i think of original sounds above and below ground, i think of this outfit. The drum combinations and the consistency are outstanding. Parties get the people moving and not thinking which is a good moment when you want to let loose at a party...i believe that is the point of a party. They bring of mix of hardcore club music(bmore, party depending on the state you reside) and let the wings fly on a hawk of imagination. I love it. It gives people headaches who dont understand. Think Punk Music with a beat or a better one than most punk music. Think fun fun fun. Outrage in my head and yours alike. oh, they do charity it or leave it alone.

Def Jux and Mad Decent need to sign Brik Mason.

Right Now: I am loving this dude. Bromance.

Yelawolf Mixtape Announcement!! from Willpower Omnimedia on Vimeo.