Monday, January 4, 2010


Early morning wake up call. I am going to listen to J.Cole today. I swear. A few of my good friends kept saying how nice this dude was before the whole Jay-Z Blueprint 3 move. So i am going back this morning to peep the scene on this fellow. That reminds me, big up ti RUVILLA yesterday. They organized a outstanding day of high school basketball where there was at least two game winning shots and one blowout. A performance by Meek Mills(a hit single in Philly,management by Charlie Mack(will smith mgmt)but needed a little more energy for someone so new to the game), and The NEW BOYZ(i am jerk sometimes but the ladies like it..i think) took the night to a new level(at least for the girls it did). I have to mention that i felt a little perturbed towards Meek Mills because i kept saying to myself and friends How come only a few artists that i can name on one finger reach beyond Philly? Then i peeped Meek Mills performance and this is what i saw...A man who has a hit, a great intro into the performance where he proceeded to walk out like he has ten hits. His hypemen did the same thing. Excuse me guys, your job is to get the crowd hype, nothing more, nothing less. Where is the danger in the performance?, the jumping into the crowds, the feeling that something huge is about to occur. It is cute to bring your little brother or son onto the court but even that was bit much. Now i will say the sound system was a little croggy to the ears but that would not stop an artist. I have heard his mixtapes and they way the ladies knew his lyrics, the potential for greatness is there. But what are you so calm about? Step your game and i will make sure i step up mine. Now back to your regular scheduled program.

PS. Make your free throws. If you can score 30 in a game without a freethrow, then add at least 10 points to your total. oh, Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason.

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