Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain

The Pros and Cons of Jackie Chain’s “Mack a Bitch” Video

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Jay Z said

We need to consider the fact that rap is not just for the youth culture. WE(blunt toting, beer guzzling, writers and creative types of this world) need to make rap/hip hop into what Rock has become or what U2 has allowed it become. Hmmm.. Thoughts. My head hurts and i have to shovel snow. Suckers.

PS Sign Brik Mason


What a year so far. The snow sprinkles the earth this morning as many truffle their way through the city to work or to another love one. Kept myself sober in order to deal with this snow. ha. But landed a plethra of chinese food in my mouth last night and listened to Pill. Pill is an emcee, the mc, a rapper and all around lyrical patron from ATL. One of the favorites this year according to XXL. I am rooting for him. Unlike some of his brethen of lyrical madness, you do not feel exhausted by his words. You want more and that is rare in this lifetime. I need to shave but the snow is making me grizzly. Like a bear through the hour glass, these are the days of my lives. Pass the bourban and sign brik mason.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A slacker on a mission

One of my fav shows on tv is BIG Bang Theory and i am scientific inclined to run a rat tat tat on every emcee and dj that i see. Bobby Ray has shown me the light, Dunn has added to the mess and Andre 3 stacks blasted the door open. I am a mix. A purpose, A mission. I realized i have many missions in life and they all need to be accomplished at a certain time in my life. Boom.

BTW Mad Decent should sign Brik Mason.


After surfacing from a a barrage of chinese food last night and enjoying THe Big Fan with Patton Oswalt and some strippers, i woke up to the sounds of Bobby Ray. He really can do it all. And it works. Its nice to hear a little versatility in the mix of all the hardcore. He just represents himnself without flying too high. Congrats on the mixtape and the hit ......which is an awesome song. See you at the top. Now back to my bourbon sunday. Oh, the slam dunk contest sucked last night and i am pissed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anticipation for the NEW B.O.B

Most people have not noticed that this dude has a hit on the radio. Out of left field but with the right swing, B.O.B. is slowing climbing into the conscious of listeners. After sipping on some bourbon and getting a phone number, i heard his single once again on the radio. Then i realized i did not know the name of the single but i knew the artist. Pissed to say the least. Rushed home and slammmed by ass into bed but thought about the song all night. He has a mixtape over at and many other blogs. I just wanted to write about his brilliance. Thank you B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray for taking me on a journey through the stars. I will see you at the top.

btw, I hear Def Jux is losing EL-P. They should still sign Brik Mason.