Monday, March 8, 2010

Listening to STS aka sugar tongue slim

After recovering from a night where i could not watch the Oscars but guessed right regarding the rewards, i am packing a full mind clip and ready to rumble with some sugar tongue slim in my system. Not bad i say. The song i peeped the most sampled LA Roux and is so addictive, i see why he is in demand. I posted the song about a week back and i use it to pump my mornings back in nyc. Yeah.... I am back. Watch out. Going strong. I recovered from a friday night of drinking and laying on my bed wondering why i drank so much. The artist known as Sugar Tongue Slim now called STS is part of the new group Black Thought put together and has already released two mixtapes that i know about. Ha.

BTW Mad Decent sign Brik Mason.

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